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The CapTech Way

A formalized system used to ensure that all our projects are consistent; the CapTech Way is based on accepted industry best practices.

The CapTech Way Visual

The CapTech Way is a formalized methodology used to ensure that our projects are consistent and successful. Based on accepted industry best practices, our methodology is non-technology specific and creates continuity between project management, systems architecture, software development, and other programs. Each phase of The CapTech Way has a built in method for gathering and reporting data on the project.

CapTech's methodology framework first emphasizes understanding of the business and technical problem. Definition of the solution precedes development. Business and technical validation of the solution is followed by both release to production and analysis in preparation for the next iteration. The framework incorporates real-world change and growth, showing the cyclical nature of the development process. This framework can be used with either a traditional waterfall approach, in an iterative/Agile approach or in a combination hybrid approach.

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