Workers' Compensation Systems Modernization

Full scale transformation and innovation with proactive, data-driven solutions.

Proven Digital Transformation for Labor

CapTech delivers full-scale transformation solutions for Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Agencies across the US. We combine commercial and industry best practices to reduce overhead, improve user experience, modernize processes and legacy systems, ensure the integrity of sensitive data, manage organizational change, and create innovative and scalable solutions. 
  • Self-service capabilities for injured workers and stakeholders
  • Reduce transaction lifecycle
  • Rationalize forms and create paperless systems 
  • Enhance workflow and expand case management functions
  • Reducing docket continuances and streamlining return-to-work activities
  • Advance organization delivery maturity to drive long-term system evolution
  • Drive predictive analytics and reporting to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse

Full Scale Business Transformation

• Detailed Requirements Analysis
• Systems Design
• Business Process Engineering
• Custom Enterprise System Development and Implementation
• Change Management and Adoption
• External Stakeholder Engagement
• Data Integration and Transformation

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Virtual Courtroom

We drive innovation with our custom workers’ compensation solutions by using interactive scheduling to build transparency between parties, speed up the time to hearing, and reduce continuances, changes, and other scheduling conflicts. 

The virtual courtroom we developed in four jurisdictions meets a myriad of organizational needs, including electronic submission and admittance of exhibits, selection and communication of key dates, and tracking of decisions and outcomes.

Innovative, Proactive, Data-Driven Solutions

Manage Compliance With Statutes and Laws

Review companies’ insurance policies to ensure appropriate coverage and terms

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Proactive Management of Claims

Automate workflows and claim management to support injured workers from the moment the claim is filed

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Reduce Fraud Waste and Abuse

Flag anomalies in the system early and conduct long-term analysis

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Digital Courtroom SME Tim Fite
“Every legal and technology environment is different. We meet clients where they are to deliver direct intuitive solutions precisely for them."”
Tim Fite
Judicial and Virtual Courtroom SME
Claims and Compliance SME Sean Winterhalter
“Data governance and master data management provide the foundation for data analytics and proactive claims management.”
Sean Winterhalter
Claims and Compliance SME

100% Success Rate Delivering Custom, Scalable Solutions

Comprehensive review of existing business processes

Comprehensive review of existing business processes

Detailed functional and technical analysis

Detailed functional and technical analysis

Data-driven architecture, integration, and migration strategies

Data-driven architecture, integration, and migration strategies

Business transformation change management strategy

Business transformation change management strategy

Better Insights, Better Decisions, Better Experience

Over 100 experts with Labor experience transforming state agencies with a 100% success rate

Better insights, better decisions, better customer experience

CapTech has been untangling the most complex systems and strategies and emphasizing customer experience since the internet