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Helping your organization turn data into powerful, actionable insights, make reliable, fact-based business decisions and improve customer experience.

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Better Data, Better Insights, Better Decisions, Better Customer Experience…

While companies have massive amounts of data, the information is only as good as their ability to connect it, govern it, and make it accessible for decision making. Organizations need to be able to store, process, analyze and act on their data in a timely fashion. We will partner with you to determine the right approach to enable you to identify important business trends and opportunities, understand and improve the customer experience and make reliable decisions – with the right technology for your enterprise. 

Our Services

Data Science

Our data scientists help you gain more value from your data working with you to determine exactly what your needs are, and then create a customized approach to generate a structured, prioritized list of use cases to inform the design of all components of a data science and platform. We ensure that data science models are maintainable, scalable, and affordable.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence

Data Engineering

Our top tier data engineers specialize in building advanced data systems that bring together data from disparate sources, making it available to data scientists, analysts, and business users. Using engineering best practices and cutting-edge technologies, we will partner with you to solve your complex data problems so that you are able to ingest and process data quickly.
Open Source

Enterprise Open Source Adoption

Big Data in the Cloud

Big Data in the Cloud

Data Strategy & Architecture

Our Data Strategy and Architecture consultants analyze your business goals and priorities and determine how data can be organized to support long-term objectives. We analyze the business challenges and make suggestions on the correct architecture, keeping in mind enterprise and regulatory requirements, technology drivers, economics, and data processing needs in order to move your organization to a modern data architecture.
Unstructured Data

Unstructured Data

Real Time Data Sharing

Real Time Streaming Data

Data Visualization

By visualizing your data, we empower your stakeholders with comprehensive views of the latest analytics delivered via intuitive and interactive visualizations that drive business decisions in such areas as engaging new customers, maximizing profitability, identifying new ways to market to existing customers, creating methods to better measure customer behavior, and more. This puts critical data assets and analytics at your fingertips in real-time.
Dashboard and Modern Intelligence

Dashboards & Modern Intelligence

Data Discovery

Data Discovery & Insights Platforms


We help our clients understand the modern data architecture and provide guidance on how they can make the best use their legacy data platforms while they move to modern technology to solve their most critical business problems.
Big data technologies may be the solution; but CapTech will always assess your challenges first and never assume this before proposing the best solution for your needs. CapTech is technology agnostic and will create a toolset tailored to your needs while bringing broad insights across many industries.
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Ben Harden
Ben Harden

Ben leads our Data & Analytics practice and specializes in delivering enterprise scale data warehousing solutions using the Agile Scrum methodology. He has been consulting with Fortune 500 clients on data and analytics solutions for over 18 years.
Pete Carr
Peter Carr

Pete has 20+ years’ experience as an IT professional, specializing in data integration, data governance, data architecture, and complex data warehouse projects. He brings broad industry experience in financial, healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing.
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