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Headshot of Chicago Office Lead Mike Albert

What are you most excited about as we go into 2018?

Business development is going to be a major focus of the Chicago office this year. Additionally, recruiting top talent is a key priority for the office. We had solid momentum in Q4 and we intend to keep that going with a strong start in 2018. The potential strong growth in revenue and resources is very exciting for Chicago and CapTech for 2018.

What's unique about the culture in your office?

I think it's Midwest mindset - easygoing and friendly. You see that in every person in the office right now and even those that we interact with at client sites and through the recruiting process. While it might sound cliché, everyone in Chicago appears to exude the CapTech core values; whether it's the trusted advisor mentality, flexibility, servant leadership, or any of the others - it seems everybody comes through our office door metaphorically and literally embodies our core CapTech values. As a result, I believe that this will ensure our ability to maintain the CapTech culture as we grow. 

So how does your office work to be a community partner? 

Last year, we were involved in an event called the i.c.stars TechBash. They provide a technology-based workforce development and leadership training program for low-income adults. It helps people that haven't had the chance to develop requisite business or life skills to place them in the modern workforce. We were also involved in the CapTech Food Fight and raised money for the Greater Chicago Food Depository - a great organization here in Chicago that helps hungry families in our community. It was great to be a part of both of these charities and our office intends on maintaining / growing those two relationships in 2018. 

What stood out to you about last year? 

I knew that Chicago was not going to have a large budget in 2017 as the focus was to grow other offices, however, as the year progressed and it appeared that we were gaining momentum with new hires, we needed to work to get our name out in the market to continue this momentum. As a result, we held a successful CapTech Connect event, attended a Hacker X event and secured a physical office in Q3. Each of these investments has allowed us to build our little office here and we are ready for a bigger push in 2018.

When you're not in the office, where can we find you?

My two boys, 15 and 10, are very active in sports (baseball, basketball and soccer) and they keep my wife and I very busy. Through high school sports and travel games, we are CONSTANTLY moving them from one game or practice to another. While I am stepping away from coaching them as their skills are exceeding my abilities, I enjoy watching them compete in sports that they love - proud parents for sure. 

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Headshot of Chicago Office Lead Mike Albert
Michael Albert is a Director and CapTech’s Chicago Office Lead. Michael strives to develop lasting relationships by understanding his clients needs and serving them well. Locally, Michael focuses his time developing skills within the office while working to maintain the critical CapTech culture.