As a computer science, engineering, or other technical-discipline major, you have many options in terms of where you can start your career. You might be asking yourself questions like... What sort of industry do I want to be in? What city do I want to live? What sort of job do I see myself doing every day? These college disciplines prepare you well for all sorts of positions, whether they're analytical and data-driven, or creative and technically focused at their core. You're not really hard-pressed to find a job when you have these skill sets - the challenge is picking a career path that will ultimately enable your happiness and your success. Consulting is a great industry to be in once you graduate because of the exciting work, the opportunities to see many different companies and industries, and the ability to solve problems alongside brilliant people.

Stay challenged in an evolving landscape

Every day is different. One of the key traits of a good consultant is the ability to be flexible and adapt to varying needs and challenges within your specific projects. It's not your typical 9:00 to 5:00 job. You find yourself tackling different problems on a day by day basis, which keeps things fresh and interesting. As an analyst, one day you could find yourself meeting with stakeholders and users to understand requirements and needs for a new product, and the next day you might be conducting research, crunching numbers, and coming up with a recommendation for a completely different situation. It's rare that you find yourself completing repetitive tasks - the work is always changing.

See multiple companies & industries

Similar to the theme of every day being different...every project and client is different too. Starting a new project, in some sense, is like starting a new job. New people. New challenges. New team. New office space. Part of the thrill of consulting is just that - the variety in projects. You experience different company cultures, different ways that companies conduct their business, and in general just get a feel for the similarities and differences between many organizations. It helps you become more well-rounded professionally, and ultimately keeps you from becoming complacent because you're always experiencing something new. Additionally, you have the opportunity to travel as a consultant, which is an easy way to get out and see the world while doing the work you love. (As a side note, CapTech allows you to select a preference on traveling - so if you don't want to travel, you don't have to)

Learn and grow

Learning isn't an option when you're a consultant. In order to be successful, you have to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest on best practices in technology strategy and implementation. While CapTech has a wealth of training resources available to its consultants, including a boot camp for all those hired straight out of school, the most you learn will come from your projects. With project-based work being a key component of consulting, you'll likely be a member of a team in your first role. Being on a team with experienced project managers, developers, and analysts exposes you to people with a wide variety of skill sets and professional backgrounds. In addition to learning from the people you work with, you'll pick up new skills on each project depending on what tools, software, & delivery methods are needed to see the project through to completion.

Solve problems

At the end of the day, the true reason you should go into consulting is because you love to solve problems. Problems that there are no easy answers to. If you get satisfaction out of looking at things differently, at being able to attack situations from different angles and come up with solutions that others don't even think about, that's what this job is all about. Some people are content to show up to the office, do their jobs, and go on with their days, but then there are those who are not and need to be solving problems in order to be satisfied with their jobs. You take an issue, diagnose the situation, analyze, and implement a solution - and you do it every day.