The ServiceNow® platform has always aimed for design and implementation that provides an unprecedented experience in the marketplace. This year, User Experience (UX) advancement has been one of the key themes at Knowledge16 which may leave some people wondering, " Is this a thing?" Let's discuss.

The concept of a great UX is traditionally associated with consumer-facing applications. The user has become the decision maker. If you build it (e.g, a website, a mobile app) and they DON'T come, valuable time and resources have been wasted and more money will be spent fixing it. A good UX earns a user's loyalty and it's not difficult to understand why UX-focused companies like Apple, Google, Dropbox, and Amazon are leaders in their respective industries.

What about Enterprise Applications?

Historically, a sales team would sell a product to executives and employees, then used the enterprise tools provided. If an application was painful to use, employees would use it out of necessity and often find time consuming and manual workarounds to avoid the tool. A recent trend shows that teams and employees (the users) often choose their own products - think Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive as alternatives to the clunky enterprise dinosaurs. And these products offer the best UX and design, rather than the best sales and marketing.

The distinction between designing for consumer and enterprise applications has started to converge over the last several years. ServiceNow®, along with other enterprise SaaS leaders, has acknowledged and made efforts towards this trend with past platform releases but has recently made UX advancement a high priority. They understand that for an enterprise product to achieve high user adoption and long-term success, there should be an experience for end users that meets the same standards evident in consumer applications. Below are three features that displayed this advancement at Knowledge16:

Service Portal

Service Portal is an easy-to-use new modular user interface framework that allows customers to create engaging application portals and dashboards on the ServiceNow® platform. The portals are built using AngularJS and Bootstrap, allowing for a fully responsive mobile and tablet experience and offers a drag-and-drop designer for those of us who are technically challenged. This new feature will enable anyone to create an attractive UX of enterprise applications that employees will actually want to use.

Visual Task Board

The Visual Task Board interface provides an interactive graphical experience for managing and collaborating on records. It was described to be comparable to Trello and after seeing a demo, it looks very user-friendly and is a game changer within ServiceNow® for task management.


ServiceNow® Connect enables users to collaborate, communicate, and share files in real-time, think Slack for ServiceNow®. This allows you to avoid long email chains, the terrible office communicator platform, and everyone's favorite document repository, SharePoint. Connect also integrates with other features such as Visual Task Boards and the interface overlays the standard interface, allowing you to have conversations while you work.

These three features alone offer many benefits. They make work more productive by connecting people, processes, and information in real-time, which, in turn, provides faster responses and resolutions for customers. And, most importantly, a good UX will drive adoption and loyalty for a platform - especially one that allows users to leave behind all the other vehicles they were using to perform their jobs. So yeah, a great User Experience is a thing because if it's bad, what's the point?