CapTech's monthly Drupal Team meeting is today, February 9, 2011, and we are excited about opening up the meeting to the Richmond, VA area Drupal community. As anyone that frequents the Richmond group at knows, there isn't an official Richmond Drupal Users Group. Open source is all about community involvement, and we'd like to work with the Richmond Drupal community to raise the level of awareness around Drupal for prospective buyers, sellers, Drupal developers in central Virginia. We'd also like to discuss creating an "official" Richmond Drupal Users Group.

That said, a Richmond Drupal Users Group won't mean much if the buyers and sellers don't know about Drupal. Raising the interest of Drupal in the Richmond area not only involves focus around local activities, but also a greater involvement by the Richmond Drupal community in the global Drupal community - like attending Drupal events (who's going to Drupalcon Chicago), contributing modules, patches, etc. To really grow Drupal in Richmond, we need to think outside the confines of an individual company or user, and figure out how we can work together to promote Drupal as a community.

In addition to discussing a Richmond Drupal Users Group, we'd like to open the floor up to anyone in the community.

Here are some additional topics we can discuss:

  • Drupal contributions from Richmond'ers - modules, patches, and/or documentation
  • Drupal 7: is anyone already using it for a public site (if so, feel free to share)
  • Finally, discuss topics (and presenters) for next month's meetings

The meeting is being held at CapTech's West End office (the Capstone building):

7100 Forest Ave, Suite 204
Richmond, VA

Hope to see you there!