This guide is on creating Anchors and Bookmarks in a wiki page.

Wiki pages are a fantastic and easy thing to create. However in certain cases, you may not want multiple pages, just one really long page that users can step into and jump back to the top as they discover the information they seek.

** Please note this does not work in Office365 See my next blog post Creating Bookmarks and Anchors in Office365.**

You can set up your own anchors and bookmarks in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Plan your Table of Contents and Headings

Step 2 – Configure your Bookmarks and Anchors

Step 3 – Configure the Back to Top hyperlink and add to each section

Step 1 – Plan your TOC and Headings
Start by creating the Table of Contents text labels that will be used to go to the bookmarks on the page. You could have these at the very top of the wiki page, or you may want to add them to the Side Bar section when you use a 2 column layout.
You also want to add the same labels to the main section.

Step 2 Create your Bookmarks and Anchors
Start by highlighting the first label in the main section to create the bookmark.
With the text highlighted, click the Insert Tab in the ribbon. Click the Link dropdown and select Link from Address.
Paste relative wiki page URL into the Address (1)

A Bookmark section will appear on the ribbon in the Link properties section, enter a bookmark name without spaces (2). Example Section2

(NOTE: The Bookmark option control does not exist in Office365)

Highlight the matching text label in the Table of Contents. Click the Insert Tab. Click Link dropdown and select Link from address. In the ULR type #text label you used for the heading (3)

Step 3 - Create the Back to Top links

The Back to Top is the reverse of the Section headers in that you are bookmarking the top of the page. In the wiki body area at the bottom of one section, add "Back to Top" label and right justify the text.
Highlight the "Back to Top" text and click Insert Tab in the ribbon. Click Link dropdown and select Link from Address. Type the #TOC.
Next, select the words at the top of the page that will be used for back to the top. With the text highlighted, click the Insert Tab in the ribbon and click the Link dropdown and select Link from Address. In the Address paste the relative page URL. In the link properties section in the ribbon, enter the bookmark name used for the back to top label. Example TOC
Copy the configured Back to Top label from the first section and paste it at the bottom of each section and justify to the right.
Save the Page.