White Paper – Enterprise Search of Leading Software Vendors

In order to help our clients and the industry learn about practical deployments, CapTech constantly evaluates how these solutions are working in the field. We have recently published Enterprise Search of Leading Software Vendors see below to download the White Paper.

2010 is a transition year for many of our clients. As they grapple with a slow economy, many are finally starting to realize that they need to get more assertive about improving their own prospects and start searching for growth opportunities. To accomplish this, many companies are very focused on harnessing their data and sharing the data with their management team. But how do they find it? What tools and process do they use?

Enter the company portal, Business Intelligence and the search solutions that vendors say help solve this data location and distribution problem. With CapTech's deep experience in helping numerous State Agencies and Fortune 500 clients deploy open source, Microsoft® SharePoint®, IBM®, ORACLE® and numerous other vendor solutions and our Business Intelligence team's practical delivery of solutions, CapTech continues to analyze solutions in the portal, BI, and search space. The advent of new social media and mash up tools only adds to client confusion.