Honoring our Clients by Being Flexible and Adaptable

Part 1 of a 5 Part Series - CapTech's Culture

CapTech is privileged to serve many different Clients. We provide service to 9 different industries in 18 states across every corner of the United States. As a trusted advisor we provide our Clients with strategic and tactical solutions. In the Management Consulting and Transformation, it is also critically important that we are aware of how we provide services. Practically speaking, if we do not honor our Client's culture and how we deliver service, our Client will never fully experience the solutions we provide. As we create software, presentations, and project plans we must manage how well our teams can fit into our Client's culture.

Over the next few blogs, different aspects of learning Client cultures will be discussed. The goal is to discretely define something that can be a bit ambiguous so that CapTechers can succeed culturally in their specific role and with our Clients. Let's discuss what this really means discussing how do to decipher a Client's culture, cultural dimensions and measures, honoring our Client's culture, and reinforcing CapTech's culture. First, let's talk specifically about CapTech's culture and the role flexibility plays in our culture.

CapTech's Culture

It is said that charity begins at home. So we start by making sure CapTechers have the best culture supporting them. When describing a traditional view of culture, Gertsen (2013) says "it is possible to discover the core (the basic values and assumptions) of any culture by surveying and systematizing the behavior and stated attitudes of individual members" (p. 21). At CapTech, our culture relies on the following core values: Trusted Advisor, Flexibility, Servant Leadership, Intellectual Curiosity, and Enthusiasm. Whether we are serving our Clients or each other, these core values guide us.

We realize that success depends on CapTechers working together. To succeeding together, we must be flexible. That means that we cannot hold anything keenly sacred except for our core values themselves. Flexibility requires that we enthusiastically embrace opportunities not germane to our particular backgrounds with an intellectual curiosity and servant leader disposition that makes us trusted advisors to our Clients and teammates. You may have noticed that flexibility is a bedrock principle that sustains all of our values.

CapTecher Action

Have a discussion with a fellow CapTecher about the importance of flexibility when working with Clients. Share examples of the boundaries of flexibility as it applies to your limitations to provide additional services for a Client within the bounds of an existing statement of work. Be vulnerable enough to also discuss how inflexibility has been detrimental to your success with a Client. Share your thoughts as comments on this blog.

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