With an increased focus on Artificial Intelligence, a growing number of businesses and government agencies are considering employing image recognition services, which can identify items, faces, moods and brands, and decipher handwriting and text. Many software companies today offer image recognition services that can help businesses and
government agencies improve customer service and increase operating efficiencies, but the platforms are far from perfect.

CapTech subjected six leading image recognition platforms to in-depth tests
measuring results around adult content, corporate branding, facial recognition, facial detection, image classification, item recognition, mood analysis and optical character recognition (OCR) and found that, for many functions, the platforms are little more than an interesting novelty.

Getting an unbiased assessment of a vendor's capabilities is key. When vendors demonstrate the services, they typically use images that their systems are thoroughly trained to identify. View our findings in this infographic: Hype vs. Help - An Unbiased Image Recognition Services Vendor Assessment.

Click here to read the full research study: Image Recognition Services: Searching for Value Amid Hype.

Help or Hype: An Unbiased Image Recognition Services Vendor Assessment