Wave 15 is upon us with a technical preview for "a select group of customers under non-disclosure agreements". It promises an overhaul of a full range of products from server operating systems, Office, cloud offerings, mobile, Lync… and SharePoint.

Here is a link to the announcement:


Speculation includes a SharePoint Apps Marketplace, revamped social media, a public beta this summer, and release by the end of the 2012.

Beyond speculation, there are some core features and functionality Microsoft must put in place in order to satisfy a user base hungry to utilize and not "develop" the platform (another post will detail out the role of development in SharePoint… hint! develop as an escalation point/when a technical gap exists).

Key "Must Haves" are as follows:

  • Cross Site Collection Navigation
  • Cross Site Collection Web Parts/Content Rollups
  • Overhaul the SharePoint Workflow Engine/SharePoint Designer Workflows to be more flexible, include PowerShell calls, more powerful initiation forms (allow attachments, etc.), and copy/paste "modules" between Workflows
  • Auto-Populate fields based on another's value
  • Revamp InfoPath to support Managed Metadata
  • Bulk updating metadata (Akin to Datasheet View, except all metadata including Managed Metadata terms can be updated without a strange GUID)
  • Built in content migration tools that retain Version History and allow for bulk classification/movement across Farms and versions of SharePoint (i.e. AvePoint, Metalogix, Metavis)
  • Import/Export Site Columns and Content Types across Farms (One possible implementation of this could be similar to how Managed Metadata terms are imported today)
  • Easier access to CSS and Master Page development via SharePoint Designer (Akin to Dreamweaver)
  • Wiki Navigation and more stability while using Wiki technology (aka, less "jumpy" and odd formatting instances)
  • Content Capture and Imaging (i.e. KnowledgeLake like functionality)
  • DoD 5015.2 Records Management Compliance built in. No third party tools!
  • Overhaul Permissions Management to include centralized, cross Site Collection permission management (i.e. Give SharePoint Administrators the capability to control permissions to the sites they have access to in one place/capability to pull a report of what permissions a user has across all of SharePoint!)
  • View/Access to all Site Collections at once within SharePoint Designer (i.e. Live View in Adobe Dreamweaver)
  • Tighter integration between SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio

And finally, one nice to have…. Metadata Based Security (ex. If a piece of content is tagged as "secure" only allow those with permissions for "secure" to see the content)