Project Managers, Continuous Improvement Champions, and Quality Professionals have a wide variety of tools and references on the internet today that can be applied their specific improvement initiatives. What becomes overwhelming for these managers in searching for the right tools or techniques is where they should start their initial search. Entering into a search engine a specific tool or technique only to have a multitude of resources returned may sometimes create significant frustration for the manager. When these managers finally acquire the needed results from an online resource, they generally will book mark them for future reference to save time on subsequent searches. Having been through this exercise myself numerous times in my career, I have compiled a list of online references that have been most beneficial in supporting my past quality initiatives, continuous improvement endeavors and overall management of projects. I hope these links, to some of my commonly used reference sites, provide the reader much needed guidance and insight on various tools, concepts and resources available for application in their respective initiatives.

  • – This site offers a collection of free resources about quality improvement that primarily has been submitted by graduate and undergraduate students. A knowledge bank, template library, and training presentations are just some of the materials that can be found here. Links to Excel templates for basic statistics worthy of a separate mention here.
  • – This website contains all the necessary information surrounding the Baldridge Performance Excellence Program.
  • – "ASQ is a global community of people passionate about quality, who use the tools, their ideas and expertise to make our world better" as stated on their website. ASQ is a key source for training, certifications, conferences & events and exposure to different communities in the quality arena.
  • - This site is a free subscription online magazine with lots of related articles and blogs around quality and process improvement.
  • – This website is one of the best six sigma resources in regards to the six sigma community. There are many specific write-ups on commonly used tools and techniques utilized in the six sigma methodology.
  • This reference provides a clear and concise tutorial on interpreting control charts.
  • - This site is a collection free Lean Six Sigma software downloads, free articles , and reports on successful implementation of a few concepts such as value stream mapping , 5S , kanban , synchronized material flow and TPM just to name a few.
  • This site provides practice-based e-Learning and software tools that help organizations to advance process improvement performance. The Knowledge Center link on this website provides a wide array of free resources and tools to support your Lean Six Sigma process improvement efforts.
  • - This site has numerous links to many management methods, management models, and management theories. This indeed is the one stop reference for any unfamiliar methodology that the reader may encounter.
  • - This site is the only internet resource about statistics recommended by Encyclopedia Britannica. StatSoft has freely provided the Electronic Statistics Textbook as a public service for more over 17 years. This is an excellent guide for advanced statistical methodologies.

It is my hope that these free resources provide managers the guidance and learning to support their upcoming initiatives.