Let's face it – mobile computing is now firmly settled into the DNA of our daily lives. To state the obvious, it seems everything and everyone is somehow connected via the mobile platform. In relatively few short years a new and valuable market has emerged on our smartphones and tablets. As such, business of all sizes are rightly asking themselves if this is the time to "go mobile" with their product and services.

And while the particulars of each business will differ, the basic questions surrounding mobile opportunities are the same. Any business considering jumping on the mobile platform should think through many things, but the driving question behind all other questions is this:

Does mobile make sense for my customers, my products and services, and my business?

That may be an obvious question, but the allure of new markets and cool technologies can easily waylay common business sense – so we need to start with that fundamental consideration.

Let's unpack it further:

1. Does mobile make sense for my customers?

Are your customers using mobile technology? If so, are they using it in a way that provides real and viable opportunity for your products and services? What might that opportunity look like?

2. Does mobile make sense for my products and services?

The answer to this question requires a good dose of creativity blended with real-life pragmatism. We can imagine all sorts of ways to make products and services available on the mobile platform, but not all ideas are truly practical or even sensible. For instance, I recently read on the label of a leading dish detergent brand that I could follow the product with daily updates sent to my mobile Twitter account. Really?

On the other hand, we've all had that moment where we thought I wish there was an app for that. That's the doorway of mobile opportunity that can make sense for your products and services.

3. Does mobile make sense for my business?

Does the mobile platform offer opportunities for your business that you otherwise do not have? What are the costs and required resources? Does the math justify the move?

The mobile platform is a growing market that creates great opportunity for many businesses. Asking the right questions will position businesses well as the mobile platform matures and will help you avoid the sometimes-risky "latest-and-greatest" pitfalls.