This Saturday, October 27th, is SQL Saturday #174 in Charlotte, NC. During the event I will be presenting with Jessica Moss on reporting options for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cube data. In our session, we will give a high level overview of SSAS, present the primary reporting tool options when deriving business intelligence from SSAS and then provide some tips for setting up the SSAS cube to better facilitate reporting. Below is the basic outline of our session.

Overview of SSAS - What does it do? How do you utilize it?

What are the reporting options when analyzing data and deriving business intelligence from an SSAS cube? There are many, but we will be focusing on these primary four. We will walk through how each tool interfaces with SSAS and discuss their respective strengths and weaknesses.
-SQL Server Reporting Services - Web-base reporting tool that comes bundled with SQL Server.
-PerformancePoint Services - Dashboarding tool within SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition
-Excel Services - Excel based reporting within SharePoint.
-PowerPivot - Excel plug-in that allows for connecting to SSAS (along with many other data sources) to create charts and visualizations within Excel.

Cube setup. Modifications can be implemented within SSAS in order to facilitate reporting. We will guide users through the following scenarios.
-How to get images in the cube to display on a report
-How to manage the size of a cube for the end users
-How to secure the data in a cube

That sums up our session. We hope to see you there!

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