I just returned from my very first Tableau Conference hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada.
It was high-energy, inspiring, fun, and above all, safe.

Welcome to our blog series from the Tableau conference. We will highlight the topics that resonated most with CapTechers Mahlon Graham, Connor Martinuzzi and me. Here are some of our favorite visual enhancements in Tableau 10.5, demoed by the endearing and sharp Devs on Stage.

  1. Grid. It's a ruler and it's GRID-iculous! Currently, aligning floating objects can be an exercise of 'squinching' and 'skooching' visuals, or a mathematical equation to get multiple visuals to position correctly. If you are using floating containers or objects, you now have a simple way to ensure your alignment is perfect.

    Before After*

  2. Keyboard nudging: In addition to the grid, Tableau added Keyboard Nudging.

    Select text, click Shift + arrow to nudge the dashboard object in any direction, instead of fumbling with your mouse or trackpad to drag the object precisely where it should be.
  3. Viz in tooltip: Another fabulous feature added in Tableau 10.5. Developers will have the ability to display a visual within a tooltip! This keeps your analysis in context.

    *In this example by Shahaf, (our favorite seagull @msshahaf), she displays 'Games by Revenue' in the primary visual, and corresponding 'Game Revenue Over Time' visual within in the tooltip.

  4. Nested sorting - sort within sort. Since we tend to be Excel focused, sort within sort is an intuitive value-add. Keep your global sort default but add another level of sorting. #data17, how many sort levels can be applied?
  5. Heat maps. Display density and concentration within many data points. Also applies to non-geographic data. Look how much more acute than simply color by.

    Scatter plot Heat map

  6. Export as version. Have you ever tried to share or open Tableau workbooks created in different versions? This makes collaboration across versions much easier. This functionality will also be available in the Tableau Server.

Presented by Marcelo Guerra Hahn

What will be your shiny new favorites in Tableau 10.5?

For TC17 photos, email wgreene@captechconsulting.com or find me on Twitter at @nerdboutique.