Augmented Reality with an iPadOn September 12th, Apple announced their new hardware lineup for the fall: three new phones, a new watch, and a new Apple TV. The question now is, "What do enterprises need to consider when they think about this new hardware that's coming out?"

Augmented Reality

I've written about augmented reality (AR) before, but last week, Apple showed their increasing investment in AR with iPhone X. The new cameras in the device have additional electronics and circuitry that will be able to enhance the augmented reality experience. In particular, the new Face ID front sensors, (although they will typically will not be used for AR) are a big hint that there are more capabilities coming to the back camera. The new infrared system Apple calls TrueDepth will project a grid of 30,000 invisible light dots onto the user's face and that particular sensor will be phenomenal to map the real world. This new tech could map a desk or anything you can think of. This new hardware support for AR is in addition to the ARKit framework that was introduced at WWDC. Google has also announced ARCore which is surprisingly similar to ARKit. The takeaway is that the major players are supporting pretty robust augmented reality and you should be paying attention.

My advice to businesses is to start looking at ways to express their products or services with augmented reality. Just because you don't have a tangible product doesn't mean that you can't use augmented reality to display the intangible in a digitally tangible manner. For example, if you're a bank, today most finances are intangible, but you could use augmented reality to provide a tangible view of a customers' accounts. You could show a user stacks of money and show the effect of their actions on those stacks of money. These AR expressions might not be a revenue stream, but they could be an impressive demonstration and a powerful marketing tool. Whatever your business just be sure you don't let augmented reality pass you by.

*This is part two of a four-part series on the September 2017 Apple announcements. You can read part one here.