Fully understanding the customer and leveraging new tools and methodologies to quickly implement a sound strategy

Many organizations have adopted omni-channel approaches to customer engagement, which are critical to success, but any approach not based on a full understanding of the customer and that doesn't leverage advanced technologies and methodologies will meet with only limited success.

Since the advent of the Internet and personal computer, consumers have steadily gained access to a wealth of tools and information that have given them far greater power than at any time in the past. The subsequent arrivals of the smart phone, tablet and mobile apps have only heightened the sense that we are in a new era, one in which the consumer is king.

Many organizations have developed omni-channel approaches in response, but w

Omni-Channel Technology

e are finding that some of these organizations implement new iPhone apps or revamp Web sites, for example, without first determining whether these are of strategic value. Some organizations also miss out on the wealth of new tools and methodologies that can help them develop and implement a sound strategy quickly and efficiently. These include data and analytics, agile methodologies, DevOps and the cloud.

Do you fully understand the customer journey?

Instead of thinking in terms of apps and Web sites, our clients find it more productive to think in terms of the customer journey and the best mix of solutions to engage customers. To fully understand the customer journey, it's necessary to understand the customer's needs, preferences and behaviors. And that requires data and analytics.

While data and analytics will tell you what to address, agile software development methodologies will enable you to address it quickly. DevOps, in turn, will help you manage the deployment efficiently. The cloud, in turn, will allow you to scale nearly instantaneously to any level desired.

Different challenges, similar principles

Every industry faces unique challenges and opportunities in engaging consumers, but the principles of an optimal omni-channel approach are similar across industries.

Many healthcare organizations, for example, have expanded the reach of their omni-channel capabilities after using data and analytics to carefully assess patient needs and behaviors. Some healthcare provider organizations have combined the capabilities of smartphones and wearable devices to collect and report critical data from patients and then reach out to patients who might require assistance. That can save lives as well as resources.

After assessing their customers' needs and behaviors, some hotels have begun enabling guests to check in via smartphone and to use smartphones to open the doors to their rooms. That removes barriers and increases customer satisfaction.

Banks are learning from game developers and providing incentives to millennials who achieve agreed-upon savings goals. Retailers can send text messages to the mobile phones of customers who recently filled online shopping carts and abandoned them. The texts remind customers, as they drive in their cars, that they had expressed interest in buying particular items, and the store happens to be nearby. Converting only a small percentage of these shoppers to buyers can deliver a solid return on investment in technology.

Whatever the industry, the objective is to offer customers what's most important to them, given who they are, where they are and what device they have in hand. Focusing on the customer journey and leveraging innovative new tools and methodologies to implement new functionality can help you fully understand and deeply engage customers while you increase efficiency and agility.

CapTech: End-to-end support for your strategy

CapTech offers businesses, government agencies and other organizations a full suite of services supporting the omni-channel approach. Our experienced professionals have deep expertise across multiple industries. They also have access to a wide range of technologies and can tailor a solution to each organization's unique needs. CapTech can also provide you with analytics capabilities that will help you understand your customers and refine your omni-channel strategy.

Our services include:

Roadmap, strategy and design: We can help you understand your customers better and then design and architect an appropriate omni-channel platform on which to serve them.

Building: We have the capacity to build the platform for you.

Measurement: An omni-channel strategy will give you vast amounts of data reflecting customers' needs, behaviors and preferences. We can help you select and implement analytics tools that will turn Big Data into actionable information.

Transformation: We'll work with you to develop agile processes that help you identify and run projects that provide fluid and frequent updates of the functionality and services you offer customers.

Whether you're in retail, banking, government, hospitality, healthcare or another industry, your relationship with customers is changing as consumers continue to gain access to powerful new tools and information.

Successfully navigating the changing landscape requires an omni-channel approach, one that enables you to give your customers what they need, when and where they need it, on the device they have in hand at the moment.

A solid omni-channel strategy, supported by the right technologies, will add to your organization's understanding of your customers, helping you further refine your strategy and drive even greater customer engagement. The possibilities are seemingly endless, not only for your clients, but for your organization as well.

CapTech offers the full range of technologies, expertise and experience to help you quickly develop and implement an omni-channel strategy that can improve customer loyalty and retention, increase efficiency, convert shoppers to buyers, remove barriers - and help you achieve your vision.