I am officially kicking off a WebLogic Portal 10.x Solutions series of blogs. I am focusing on WebLogic Portal 10.x because it seems to lack the depth of documentation and examples that BEA has produced in the past and the product is bigger than ever. As I have witnessed at my clients, this has led to unnecessary frustration and confusion. My goal is to address some of the more common challenges I have seen and provide simple solutions. I will primarily address issues I have seen cause frustration at multiple clients as they should pertain to a wider audience.

I plan on starting my series with the following topics:

WebLogic Portal 10.x Solutions - Database Scripts and Setup
WebLogic Portal 10.x Solutions - HTTP/HTTPS Mixed Content Issue
WebLogic Portal 10.x Solutions - Portal Admin Console Session Affinity
WebLogic Portal 10.x Solutions - Proper DataSource Configurations
WebLogic Portal 10.x Solutions - Authentication vs. Entitlements

I have other topics I can address as well (BEA Repository, CMS Integration, Security, Search, Deployment Architecture, Tuning, Scaling, Proper Portlet Development, Build, Deployment), but many of these topics are architecture and situation specific. I am trying to address issues that are either not documented clearly or are hard to understand "out of the box" issues. If you have specific requests related to these other topics, please contact and I will provide whatever information I can. Also, if you have questions about any topics in my series that I have yet to write about, please feel free to contact me in advance.

I hope this series helps the many WLP 10.x shops that are in existence today. Removing some of these common challenges can go a long way to improving the experience. I plan on following this blog shortly with the Database Scripts and Setup blog.