You've cleared the first hurdle. You updated your resume with this summer's work experience, attended info sessions around campus, submitted your application through the career center, and you received the good news: you got the interview. However, your mind starts racing: What will they ask me? What time do I show up? Who's going to interview me? Follow along and we'll try to answer some of the most common questions.

In the IT consulting industry, we are looking for quick learners and flexible, motivated individuals with an affinity for technology. As with most industries, IT is ever-changing with new technologies, devices, and languages appearing frequently. So how can you be prepared to ace the interview?

First, take time before the interview to learn about the company's primary business functions. In our case, check out our latest case studies and blogs to get a feel for our most up-to-date work here. On the day of the interview, please be prompt (on time is late and early is on time) and dress appropriately. First impressions are valuable and can result in lasting memories by those interviewing you. Second, be familiar with your resume. Many of the questions in your first interview will originate from different experiences you've written about there. After introductions, remember that this is a conversation first and an assessment second. The interviewers are there to learn more about you as they get a feel for why you will be a great addition to their team and how you fit within the company culture. Prepare to speak about your past experiences. Past experiences (including failure) are indicators of future success, so take the failures and explain how you learned from them and eventually persevered and succeeded.

If the position is technical in nature, prepare for a chalk talk or primary assessment where you can display your core competencies in specific languages, technologies, or other topics. Finally, think of a few questions for the individuals interviewing you, either while you are learning more about the company beforehand or during your conversation. Asking questions illustrates your interest in the company and your ability to learn quickly if something during the interview sparked your curiosity. As the interview wraps up, be sure to ask about next steps and check if the interviewers have a card or contact information for additional follow-up.

After thanking the interviewers for their time, remember to follow up with those who spent time speaking with you. Proofread your follow up communication, as a typo or blunder can serve as a reflection on your attention to detail. Consulting in any industry (and most other jobs) will require a highly personal touch, and the communication that follows illustrates both your interest and your exceptional communication skills.