1. What is special about the culture in your office?

CapTechers Helping at Food BankIt's the servant leadership aspect of our culture. So many of our consultants are involved in the community, serving on boards and supporting nonprofits, and so are their families. Everybody is focused on giving back to our community. It is also really fun that our internship program and our college hire bootcamp program happen here. Our Richmond consultants get excited about the new talent we are bringing in the door and the opportunity to mentor and grow them into consultants and help shape their careers. There is so much energy in the office during these times. You really see our more experienced consultants coming together to share their knowledge. Another fun element is having our Customer Experience team based here, bringing us more and a different kind of creative talent and perspective on what we do.

People always ask me how consultants can stay connected while at a client site. There are tons of opportunities to get involved, either mentoring and training internally or supporting the community as a CapTech team externally. The consultants who get involved get the opportunity to bond with co-workers and grow and learn from each other.

One thing that always resonates with me in Richmond - and I'm sure it happens at other offices, too - is that whenever something bad happens to an employee, everyone rallies behind the employee, offering support, food, a listening ear, or help in picking up client responsibilities or internal responsibilities. That helps the person get through a tough time. It is built into our culture and it regularly happens around here. It's part of supporting our family so we can be successful.

2. How does the Richmond office work to be a community partner?

Many of our local consultants are entrenched and involved in our community because they have a passion for advancing STEM education or volunteering their time for the greater good of RVA. We support that at the consultant level and at the client level. Our client teams look to partner and support the causes that are important to our clients' communities as well. On any given week, you will hear of a team doing a Habitat for Humanity build, participating in a charity 5K, or mentoring and teaching coding to local youth.

We look to align our charitable giving within programs that improve educational systems, promote healthy lifestyles, enable entrepreneurial initiatives, and develop solutions that heal people in need. Our recent Richmond Food Fight! for FeedMore raised over $15,500 to help feed hungry Virginians. Our leadership serve on Boards across our community for education, technology, and economic development.

3. What new things are happening in Richmond?

After 20 years, it is really exciting to see that we are still opening new doors in Richmond and building new relationships with clients we haven't worked with in the past. We are experiencing expansion of our services within existing clients, especially in the data and analytics and customer experience spaces. We have been able to service more national accounts from Richmond by leveraging our Delivery Center. That is something that's really exciting about our Richmond office. Through our Delivery Center, we are able to service companies across the country and are able to engage in great brand-name national work without having to travel.

Our new applicant pool continues to increase every year. We've been working with some new schools, thanks to some of the national recognition we have been receiving, which is really exciting.

We are not just a Richmond-based firm anymore. We are making a shift to a national firm that happens to be headquartered in Richmond. We've seen an increase in followers across our social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. There is more awareness of who we are in this market. People I've known for years are saying, "Wow, I didn't realize you were a national firm."

4. What is your favorite story about a CapTech core value?

I have so many - it is really hard to choose. I loved the servant leadership and enthusiasm behind the 2016 CapTech Food Fight! for Feedmore. We launched the Food Fight! for Feedmore in 2013. In typical CapTech fashion, the food fight is a friendly competition among our account teams to raise funds for Feedmore, an organization that provides meals for hungry neighbors in central Virginia. There were so many creative fundraising ideas and our teams really got into it. In 2016, we increased our fundraising 55% over 2015 because so many CapTechers wanted to get involved to help FeedMore. It was inspiring to be a part of everyone wanting to make an impact.