Many companies today use a combination of agile and big data tools to quickly convert data into business insights, speeding innovation and enhancing their competitive position. My recent white paper, "Agile and Big Data: Sprinting to Business Insight," discusses how the powerful combination of agile and big data tools accelerates speed to insight. Among the many reasons that this combination accelerates this process:

  • In the big data environment, schemas don't have to be developed until data is brought out of storage. That eliminates bottlenecks and saves time.
  • The data lake provides a single, convenient place in which data can be made available to users across the enterprise. The lake also provides areas for discovery as well as production.
  • Co-location brings the business and IT together, which enables speedy resolution of questions.
  • Open source tools, commonly used in the big data world, allow agile teams to try new capabilities without having to deal with costly licensing concerns or time-consuming procurement processes.

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