Our people, their knowledge & ingenuity are our greatest assets so we treat them that way.

Work With The Best

CapTech recruits top talent graduating from some of the best universities in the nation. We are actively involved with Engineering and Computer Science programs at these universities, participating in career fairs, speaking on panels, and hosting local meet and greets. 

We believe that hiring is a two-way interview process where it's important that both CapTech and the graduate can determine if we are an appropriate fit for one another. 

We employ a rigorous process with prospective candidates to assess technical abilities, core value alignment, and consulting competencies.

“When I joined CapTech there were less than 40 employees. The company has dramatically increased in size since 2000, but the personal interactions that I have with fellow CapTechers have not changed since day one.”
Brian B.

Getting Started

You will start off your first month at CapTech in our College Bootcamp Training. This intense training provides you with the opportunity to work in a team environment to manage a project from strategy to implementation while also receiving numerous consulting competency and skill trainings.  After completion of bootcamp, you'll be prepared to play many consulting roles.

The training does not stop there. Starting with your first engagement, you will be part of a collaborative environment where you will actively learn from team members as you engage in client-facing projects.

You will have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous training offerings and you will be encouraged to pursue industry certifications sponsored by CapTech. Our consultants are passionate about learning and continuing to develop skills that keep us ahead of the technology trends. And you won't be limited to a single field at CapTech; you can take your career wherever you want it to go.

Award Winning Internship Program

At CapTech, we designed our internship with you in mind. You'll be working in tandem with other interns for twelve weeks and experiencing the full lifecycle of a typical IT consulting project. You'll help solve some of CapTech's internal projects, including all aspects of the analysis, design, development, and deployment of an internal tool to help benefit CapTech.  Our internship will allow you to the fully experience the many roles consultants play in everyday projects.

In addition to the project work, you will be paired with a senior CapTech consultant who serves as your evaluator throughout the summer. The evaluator will help define your goals at the beginning of the internship and track your progress against them through the final evaluation.

You'll partake in Richmond's local "YRichmond" Intern program, giving you exposure to workshops and fun events around the area. By the end of the internship, you will not only walk away fully understanding the expectations of an IT consultant, but also what makes CapTech so special.