Our people, their knowledge & ingenuity are our greatest assets so we treat them that way.

Joining Our Team

At CapTech interviewing is a two-way conversation where we talk to each other to determine if there is an appropriate fit. We employ a rigorous hiring process to determine technical ability, core values, and consulting competency levels to ensure that your personal goals align with corporate strategies.

As a valued member of the team, you will be given the proposal and job requirements so that you can be fully vested with projects from start to finish.

CapTech's flat organizational structure provides you with the opportunity to work alongside Principals and senior leaders on client and internal projects. Your ideas are heard at every level.

“I have had the opportunity to work with some of the smartest and friendliest people I have ever met who all took time to train and mentor me into becoming a successful consultant and Business Intelligence Developer.”
Parth J.
Senior Consultant

Meet our CEO Kevin McQueen

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Career Development

At CapTech, you’ll be part of project teams working with the latest technology for some of America's leading companies. To help you integrate into the organization, you’ll attend the company’s comprehensive on-boarding training program taught by company leaders. We don’t think it makes sense to ever stop learning or growing—so we don’t. We offer a variety of ways to learn including technical classes, cohort programs, and e-Learning.

We encourage participation in programs that align with your personal career goals. CapTech offers a mentor program so that you can partner with a CapTech leader to learn various aspects of the business, technology and/or the culture. Its our way of helping each other stay connected, collaborate, and continuously learn and grow.

Within your first year you'll work collaboratively with leadership and other consultants on IT projects. And you won't be limited to a single field at CapTech; you can take your career wherever you want it to go. From day one, all CapTechers are given the opportunity to take ownership of strategic work that stretches their skills and capabilities.

people working at desk laptop
“I’m really excited about the growth at CapTech. We’ve continued to amass more high-profile clients, and it’s really exciting to see the challenges those companies face in their industries—and have the ability to contribute to the solution.”
Owen Farrell
Owen F.
National Growth
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"One of things that I really enjoy is that I can guarantee every day I’ll face a new challenge. I’m always learning, always getting a chance to iterate on my process, and always applying myself in new ways."
Venkat Iyer
Venkat I.
Wynne Reece
Wynne Reece
Talent Acquisition Lead

Wynne leads the IT consultant recruiting efforts for the Richmond area and has been in the industry for 18+ years. Wynne enjoys an active lifestyle and helps lead the Health and Wellness initiatives at CapTech.