Custom Strategic Gaming Solution for Top 5 Bank

Mobile app teaches future customers and builds brand loyalty through gamification

A Penny Saved

A top 5 US Bank sought to create ways to motivate college students to increase their financial acumen while generating brand loyalty. Their goal was to teach millennials financial responsibility in an increasingly complex and digital financial landscape. The bank knew their business objectives well but needed a unique solution that would reach the notoriously, marketing-elusive millennial audience — that’s why they turned to CapTech. 

We partnered with our client to explore multiple concepts and determined that gamification was the best way to tackle this goal. Our ideation process involved developing a wide range of brand experiences — all using gamification as a way to help college students learn how to manage their finances. We tested the concepts to determine which ones resonated most with college students before choosing our final concept. 

CapTech creative director Kevin Flores "The success started long before the app was launched."
GOAT app being used on mobile
GOAT app being used in dorm animation

More Than a Game

Utilizing the principles of persuasive design, we created an engaging student-focused platform aimed to increase financial acumen through a fun and engaging competitive mobile game application. Attempts by banks in the past to develop a game with these goals were focused on knowledge from a rote memorization perspective. Our approach differed in that we designed a game with community input that was primarily fun to play and educational as a secondary benefit: a game for millennials, designed by millennials.

The conceptual evolution of the game presented an opportunity to engage millennials on their terms by abstracting intimidating terminology and offering a more digestible experience to improve financial understanding through intuitive gameplay and playful design. This wasn’t an off-the-shelf game that we just branded for the client. In addition to custom-designing each screen, our team developed all of the rules, scoring system, and monetary calculations for the game from the ground-up. Our game challenges students to learn key financial concepts while playing a match game of increasing difficulty to obtain resources necessary by balancing needs vs. wants to create the Greatest Of All Time Dorm in hopes of winning the game.

4 examples of GOAT app on mobile
GOAT gaming application in use

Reaching and Teaching Students

We recruited 220 college students to participate in beta testing at two pilot universities. While using the app, game analytics are reported for analysis including general player activity trends regarding duration and frequency of play, as well as insight into the level of financial awareness exhibited during quiz participation. This student-focused platform has proven to create a social, scalable experience that contains built-in methods to measure financial acumen, educate students, and help our client determine key metrics about their target demographic and possible future customers.

CapTech Creative Director, Kevin Flores says, “This is a great example of how we can best help our clients. The success started long before the app was launched. Rather than direct us to design and build something, the client came to us with their goals — primarily, helping college students increase their financial acumen. They trusted us as their partner to understand their audience and their objectives; and work with them to come up with a creative digital experience that would help them reach both.”