Duke’s Mayonnaise: A New Customer Experience for an Authentic Regional Brand

True to themselves

True to Themselves

Duke’s Mayonnaise is a legendary brand that many consider to be as good or better than their well-funded competitors - but they were suffering from a lack of awareness.  Part of this was the fact that their existing website was out of date, difficult to administer from a content perspective, didn’t allow e-commerce, wasn’t mobile friendly or ADA compliant, and had usability issues. Pressure to use lowest cost option resulted in subpar performance and a poor ROI on their other site. To continue to grow in a flat to declining category, they needed to gain share from their rivals and needed a more robust website to compete.
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Exploration and Creation

Our Customer Experience (CX) team began with a brand exploration that led to deeper insights around the true essence of the Duke’s brand – its authenticity.  From the founder, Eugenia Duke, the original recipe, unique taste, classic label, and volunteer celebrity chefs; Duke’s screams authenticity. Creative examination around the themes of authenticity, their classic recipes, novel promotions and events and ties to regional and local chefs led to a look and feel that reflected the authenticity of the Duke’s brand and its fans.  Ideas included a greatly simplified navigation, a more engaging roadmap to showcase recipes and chefs, and a revamped approach to save and share recipes across social media. 

CapTech deployed best practices in user testing and accessibility to optimize the functionality and address compliance issues. The team also focused on updating copy and content to provide a richer relevancy signal to Google. The technology solution using WordPress helped to optimize their ease-of-use and ability to manage client experiences – critical given Duke’s staff levels.  We also created the first ever “mayonnaise subscription” service for Duke’s chefs and fans living outside their distribution.
426% above industry average click-through rate
200% site traffic increase
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New Site, New Feel, New Results

With the new site, Duke’s believes that they will be able to get a higher return on their marketing investments due to the improvement in user experience and mobile responsiveness for shoppers, ease of use for staff, and higher branding impact. The new site’s content optimization (SEO) has resulted in improvements across the board including over 35+ strategic terms seeing positive ranking improvements in Google Search Results and strong conversion rates around product purchases, recipe printing and store locations. Compared to the same period last year, the optimized site has seen a 60% increase in Google traffic. 

CapTech also advised Duke’s on a Google AdWords strategy which resulted in a click-through rate 426% stronger than the industry average. The combination of Paid Search and Organic SEO also led to a 200% increase in site traffic during peak summer months. With the enhanced goal tracking and increased site traffic, Duke’s feels that the new site is more customer focused and reflects a stronger impression of their brand. CapTech Principal Brian Bischoff says, “The website has been a big enabler for all of the things Duke’s is doing. And it has really helped them be better stewards for their own site.”