Point of Sale System Improves Employee & Customer Experience

Helping a Fortune 500 auto parts retailer capture more information and correct data problems

Connecting customers and employees to business

Connecting Customers and Employees to Business

A Fortune 500 Auto Parts Retailer uses a point of sale (POS) system to help sales assistants locate products and meet customer needs. The tool didn’t allow sales assistants to communicate issues to the employees on the business side who maintain and manage the information shown in the catalog.

This constraint led to improperly categorized products that weren’t recognized by administrators and inaccuracies in inventory. CapTech was brought on to supplement a staff augmentation firm and implement this needed functionality into their current POS tool. Additionally, the retailer wanted to capture information related to lost sales which their current system was incapable of doing.

CapTech vs. Staff Aug Firm

Agile & Efficient: CapTech vs. Staff Aug. Firm

CapTech provided a five-person, cross-functional team who collaborated with stakeholders on-site and in remote offices using an iterative agile development methodology.

The team helped determine the schedule and identified dependencies and impacts from priority changes. This included an incremental and iterative feature development approach that reviewed progress every three weeks. 

CapTech oversaw environment and build management by merging feature branches for releases as well as troubleshooting and resolving code conflicts. The team was also the first line of defense for triage and aided other developers in defect remediation.

Tapping into feedback

Tapping Into Feedback

CapTech’s agile development approach mitigated resource constraints by providing a highly autonomous team. The team improved the original design and implementation of the features through a collaborative and cyclical delivery approach, producing the desired product three weeks ahead of schedule. This was 20% faster and at the same cost as the 8-person staff augmentation team the retailer had already engaged. The CapTech team accomplished this while providing architecture support, debugging, and trouble-shooting for both groups on the project.

With this new product reconciliation feature, the auto parts retailer can capture the root cause of lost sales, enhance catalog data quality, and improve inventory accuracy. The new tool allows employees to report technical or availability problems and be a conduit for consumers. Ultimately, the enhancements to the POS product will lead to improved customer relationships, more sales conversions, and allow our client to compete more readily with online retailers.

The CapTech Edge

"This project is a great example of how our team’s agile development ultimately improves efficiency and reduces costs. On this project, our five-person team not only delivered more than a team of eight, but they were also able to deliver the product early and with better code. That’s the CapTech edge."

Darrell Norton

Darrell Norton

CapTech Principal