State Retirement System Leverages User First Design to Improve Decision Making

User Centric Business Intelligence Analysis Approach Improves Data Access

State Retirement | People Over Architecture

People Over Architecture

A large State Retirement System was seeking to establish a Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) program using a unique, user-centered design approach. As opposed to a more traditional architecture driven design, this highly user-centric program could allow a wide range of users’ access to appropriate data while increasing efficiency and insights.
State Retirement | Modern Solution

Modern Solution

CapTech worked to understand the people, process, and technology initiatives driving their organization and to help establish world-class BI&A governance program. Part of this effort was the establishment of a BI&A Office that provides oversight, administration, and governance for a decentralized BI community.

Additionally, we partnered with the client to:

  • Develop policies and procedures that guide the effective self-service use of a modern BI&A technology platform
  • Combined industry best practice policies, procedures, and data governance standards with a focus on a people-centric approach
  • Delivered BI&A policies and procedures that were both comprehensive and scalable regardless of technology
State Retirement | Creative, Flexible, Accessible

Creative, Flexible, & Accessible

This new BI&A strategy enables our client to be more predictive and frees them from the grind of standard business reporting. Highlights of the new framework include:

  • Expanded Data Access through new data categorization and governance ensures that data being accessed by decision makers is accurate and accessible to those who need it
  • User-Centric Design that leverages a unique people-first approach ensures that the BI&A program meets users’ information and data needs to make them more self-sufficient and help them deliver actionable business insight
  • Scalable and Flexible new BI&A framework solution that can support current and future business needs and empowers secure, self-service of data by users