Changing the paradigm for how government best serves citizens in the digital world

Digital Transformation involves thinking, designing, and delivering iteratively. It means being innovative when it makes sense to do so, but also being smart about leveraging existing technologies and strategies – whatever delivers the best value-add and most successful solution for those that serve and the citizens who they support. The right modern digital services allow citizens to proactively find what they need and solve their own problems, helping improve their own bottom line and yours, too.

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Citizens Need Modern Digital Experiences

Just like with the private sector, a modern digital experience helps citizens better engage with you. At the same time, these services increase efficiencies and reduce cost within agencies. CapTech partners with government clients to create a strategy and implement a plan aimed at meeting these objectives, while keeping in mind these four key considerations:

You have 


not just constituents

Your customers have a


of you that you can control

You have a 


whether you own it or not

You have 


you might not be paying attention to

What does this mean for you?

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Our Work

A Web Makeover for Virginia ABC Makes Customer Lives Easier

The pressure of state government budget constraints is a constant reality for the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (Virginia ABC). With higher priorities reducing the budget for a refreshed website, the agency had a difficult time making much needed website updates that would create greater efficiency, deliver a high-end customer experience, or effectively communicate the diverse services it provides. Lastly, Virginia ABC was charged by the Governor to grow revenue by 25% in order to return more profits to the state and ease other budget challenges. VA ABC needed to create a more engaging website to tackle these challenges.

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Making Taxes Less Taxing

Most people don’t look forward to calculating or paying their taxes, but Virginia Tax wanted to make their website less trying. Having a modern site that could serve millions of citizens and a quarter-million businesses was no easy task, but the agency knew they needed a design and brand that left taxpayers and professionals satisfied.

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Our Approach

CapTech’s unique approach to digital government experiences works by humanizing what can sometimes be daunting and confusing tasks.

Your experience should communicate that you know who your customer is and that you’re ready to help.

We work closely with our public sector clients to conduct research and develop insights to drive decisions. We then collaboratively craft, design, develop, and implement rich, intuitive citizen-to-government engagement models based on real citizen needs and desires.

Our Services

Mobile + IoT 


Orienting the design process to meet citizen's multiple-device needs

  • Customer Experience
  • Web Solutions
  • Mobile + Devices

Web Modernization + Cross-Platform Integration

Creating a seamless optimized customer experience

  • Solution Assessment + Recommendation
  • Technical Architecture
  • Cloud Migration

Digital Strategy + Development

Leveraging real citizen data to drive modernized services

  • Digital Strategy Roadmaps
  • Project Planning + Prioritization
  • Customer Journey mapping
  • Design Thinking Workshops



Innovative services to enhance the customer experience

  • Innovation Hot Houses
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality (VR, AR, and MR)
  • Natural Language Processing

DevOps + Agile Development

Increasing operational efficiency through the adoption of agile methodologies and DevOps techniques

  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • OCM
  • Transformational Change



Developing the process for creating, managing, and delivering relevant content across all channels

  • Content Governance
  • Content Management
  • Content Migration
  • Operational Readiness

Our Experts

Adam Hofheimer

Adam Hofheimer


Adam established and leads CapTech’s Government Solutions practice. In this role, he provides innovative solutions to CapTech’s national suite of State and Local Government clients, with an emphasis on enhancing the citizen and business interaction model with government, eliminating fraud waste and abuse from state healthcare programs, and creating paperless administrative dispute management systems.

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Ross Gilmore

Ross Gilmore

Managing Director

Ross has 12 years of experience as a program manager, project manager, and scrum master across the disciplines of project management, process engineering, user experience, systems analysis, and application design and has driven complex initiatives from concept through implementation for large-scale projects.

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Cindy Sullivan


Serving as the client executive within CapTech’s government solutions practice, Cindy draws from her 25 year history of IT Service and Government expertise, to assist CoVA agencies with their unique and complex solution needs.

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