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Client Virginia DMV

Industries Government + Public Sector

Services Customer Experience, UX + UI Design


“Dealing with unprecedented circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Virginia DMV needed to fill a critical gap in its new appointment system in very little time. CapTech was able to stand up the needed solution to allow DMV offices to restart operations safely within the required deadline.”

Charlie Sheldon
Deputy CIO
Virginia DMV

In an incredibly short period of time, COVID-19 has had an immense impact on the way in which businesses and state agencies interact with their customers. Almost overnight, organizations have had to reassess and transform the way in which they have historically operated in order to address evolving health concerns as a result of the virus. One of the major concerns of COVID-19 is the increased potential for viral spread when people densely populate an indoor space.

To maintain the expected level of service while addressing capacity management of its locations, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) needed to rapidly augment their existing scheduling tool. Specifically, the DMV wanted to send constituents notifications when it was their turn to enter the location for scheduled appointments, and to notify constituents when appointments were delayed.

DMV engaged CapTech to design, build, and deploy a lightweight solution that could provide these notifications. In a matter of two weeks, CapTech designed a low-cost solution that seamlessly integrated with DMV’s scheduling tool to notify customers when their appointment was confirmed, ready to begin, delayed, or needed to be rescheduled or cancelled.


Creating Flexibility and Meeting Demand

The Virginia DMV's existing tool had a number of constraints. While the tool could send an SMS message, customizing the message in any way required extensive code changes. Additionally, the tool was unable to populate messages using information from sources outside of its own database. Finally, the tool prevented DMV from being able to send time-triggered SMS messages. CapTech was able to design a solution that allowed DMV staff to customize the content of customer messages and schedule them to be delivered at specific times. This functionality allows the DMV to notify customers when they can enter the building for their appointment, allowing the agency to control the flow of customers and reduce the risk of viral exposure for both DMV customers and staff.



A Better DMV Experience

The additional functionality that CapTech built for DMV enables the agency to continue supporting constituents while addressing Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and state guidance for managing the risks of COVID-19. The ability to send custom SMS messages on defined schedules allows DMV to proactively communicate with customers in the event that appointments need to be rescheduled or cancelled. CapTech's solution has had a positive impact both on DMV customers and employees and was accomplished with a low-cost solution that was implemented in a matter of days.

Adam Hofheimer

Adam Hofheimer


Adam established and leads CapTech’s Government Solutions practice. In this role, he provides innovative solutions to CapTech’s national suite of State and Local Government clients, with an emphasis on enhancing the citizen and business interaction model with government, eliminating fraud waste and abuse from state healthcare programs, and creating paperless administrative dispute management systems.