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Deriving maximum value from your cloud strategy

More than just porting your infrastructure to the cloud, CapTech brings architects and developers, business solutions analysts, and change management teams ready to partner with you to:

  • develop and implement a cloud strategy
  • apply cloud services
  • help your business realize the full value of the cloud

Recommending only those solutions and service providers that best meet your needs, our cross-functional teams help you make the most of the cloud – whether in streaming data, mobile, or other areas. We have a proven track record helping clients gain operational agility, reduce risk, and optimize IT expenditures.

Realize Your Cloud Potential
We can help you leverage the cloud to achieve important business advantages, such as:  
  • Handle peak website traffic
  • Rapidly prototype new offerings
  • Process big data sets
  • Provide back-end recovery services for mobile devices
  • Scale rapidly
  • Support disaster recovery
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Case Study

Fortune 500 Energy Company Big Data Cloud Solution

A Fortune 500 Energy Company had a data warehouse that could not accept the amount of data that was being generated by their smart meters and grid monitoring technologies. They also lacked the ability to leverage their customer data in a meaningful way due to computer processing power limitations. With over 3 million customers, this forced their data analysis to be a time consuming, piecemeal process. By creating a data ingestion product integrated with a secure cloud solution, CapTech was able to help the organization store and analyze its data quickly and make better predictions of their customers’ energy usage. Now, the client can leverage its data to improve customer experience, save money, more efficiently use resources, reduce its ecological impact, and optimize marketing efforts.

  • Development of a Big Data Solution architecture roadmap
  • Implementation of a secure, scalable cloud solution leveraging a Hadoop cluster to analyze data using RStudio server and SparkR
  • Delivery of a data integration and ingestion pipeline across multiple data sources and generate analytical insights able to process several terabytes of data
  • Data Governance policy for security, data requisition, roles, and responsibilities, data usage guidelines, and a metadata policy that allows expansion