CapTech excels in key industries, but our experience spans many other areas and technical specialties.

Banking and Financial Services

The acceleration of mobile and e-payment systems brings complexity to processing to ensure transactions are effective, profitable and secure. Institutions must meet strict regulatory and compliance requirements to manage vast amounts of sensitive data and put these assets to the best use.

Digital convergence – mobile, social, cloud and location-based apps change the customer experience.

We’ve developed highly evolved platforms and services that are customer-facing experience putting contemporary technology to work.

Energy and Utilities

The industry is changing -- smart grids and smart meters (enabling more engaged consumers), the rise of  alternative energy sources (wind, solar), new government regulations and federal incentives for new technologies relative to competitive sectors, not to mention changing weather patterns -- which all have a huge impact on the generation, distribution and sale of energy. 

At CapTech, technology platforms and goals give us the power to fuse new paths of innovation together.

Public Sector and Government

We’ve dealt with many of the issues impacting government: A sluggish economy, decreasing tax revenues, budget constraints, limited staffing due to a retiring workforce, working with outdated technology and political pressures while having to do more with less.

We help government agencies streamline, simplify and automate processes to comply with enhanced regulations and better serve the public’s needs.  

CapTech has expertise working with federal, state and local government agencies, helping with process, systems and organizational change.  We can set up checks and balances enterprise-wide to help ensure the quality and integrity of the increasing array of sensitive data handled by your organization.

From agency-wide platform modernization to increased security requirements, or to address recent legislative changes and be more citizen-responsive, we can provide a road map for development that moves you into the future.

Retail and Consumer Goods

The face of retail has changed. No longer is a customer's experience limited to a single, one person, store visit. But instead a myriad of sensory and data-experience driven opportunities to live within a brand.

Omni-channel marketing, increased digital competition, evolving customer anticipations and expectations, the movement of consumers from computers to tablets and smart phones --has embedded technology into the retail environment.

CapTech can help you mobilize these channels for customer personalization --conversion, loyalty, and a more customized shopping experience based on their preferences and habits.

And provide comprehensive project management, development, architecture, design and technical service, including management and testing of quality assurance, and an all-encompassing customer experience.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Experts predict that the future of healthcare will culminate in Big Data.

All health-related worlds at some point converge at the point of technology – to keep up with technology, cost pressures, growth, impact of reform, need for improved outcomes, patient/customer expectations, and evolving business models.

CapTech's industry knowledge can help build insight into competitive advantage, and build systems that will support and guide companies through the modern maze and transition of the healthcare system.

Travel and Hospitality

The travel & tourism sector has developed into an industry with an annual economic impact of around 6.5 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide.

In 2012, the number of international tourist arrivals exceeded the one billion mark for the first time, an increase of almost 50 percent compared to ten years earlier. And with this huge growth comes great opportunity.

CapTech can develop systems to reach these customers at key touch points in the buying cycle (from fact finding, to purchase decision, to transaction, to experience, to post-experience.)