Machine Learning

Realize unprecedented insights by making your data work for you.

Machine Learning – find your future

Find Your Future

Take your existing data and realize unprecedented insights and predictions. Machine learning can automatically apply information to your business problems and free you up to make decisions. Stop working with diagnostic data and look to the future. CapTech engineers ML solutions that empower you to predict, prescribe, and stay one step ahead.
Jack Cox
Jack Cox

Jack Cox is a nationally recognized software developer, systems architect, and thought leader in mobile and digital technology. Most recently he has been working with Fortune 500 companies to define strategies for adopting machine learning and cutting edge technologies and serving as an architect on innovative client engagements.
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Inception to Implementation

Cohesive, Comprehensive Solutions

CapTech brings the system engineering, CX, and data engineering that make machine learning work all together in one company. Don’t get stuck with a machine learning solution that lives in a box — get a fully formed solution out the door that delivers real value.

  • Strategy & Innovation
  • Data Science & Governance
  • Implementation & Production

Machine Learning – data analysis icon

Inside Out

With machine learning, it’s not about the quantity of data but the quality. Our data science and engineering expertise can set you up for machine learning success. Then we’ll help you find the model or tool for you and feed them with the quick, clean data they need.

  • Customer Behavior
  • Corporate Performance
  • Operational Efficiency

Machine Learning – data customization

Thrive On the Edge

Machine learning can power and augment today’s emerging tech trends like sentiment analysis and tailored recommendations. But if you don’t even know how to start, CapTech can help you innovate and find where machine learning can fit into your business.

  • Voice & Text Search
  • Sentiment & Vulnerability Analysis
  • Custom Recommenders
Machine Learning – data icon