We believe in the greatness to be discovered within the depths of data that will ignite the fuse of innovation.

Digital Strategy

Your customers expect a seamless experience. Hands on engagement, 24 hour up-time, safe and secure systems, apps and automation that will make their lives easier. We specialize in providing customer-centric technical solutions to achieve these demands while finding ways to enhance engagement, business opportunities and reduce waste.

The impact of digitization is not new but digital business transformation is at a defining moment and is presenting unprecedented challenges for C-suite executives. CapTech helps senior executives to digitally transform customer experiences, operations or business models.

CapTech understands that every customer interaction is meaningful and each action needs to be captured, analyzed and work within the framework of the “big picture” keeping the company infrastructure in mind.

UX Research and Design

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so in the eyes of your customer lay the keys to what intelligent and intuitive ease of use means to them, based on various touch points in both web and mobile environments.

We can gauge and learn from this information -- even before expensive programming is done -- integrating compelling design and flawless execution to ensure a successful rollout of your digital strategy without missing the mark.

Integrated Marketing Management

Enabling a frictionless customer journey across touch points requires an integrated approach to marketing that personalizes experiences and provides the right offer at the right time. We help you reach your sales, marketing, and customer engagement goals through high-touch, personalized omni-channel digital experiences. Leveraging the right marketing technology and data, you can successfully acquire new customers, drive purchase behavior, and create raving fans.

We can help you form a 360-degree view of the customer, select marketing technology vendors that will support your strategy, streamline the marketing back office, and manage the impacts that new solutions and processes will have in such core marketing areas as search, social, content marketing, and lead generation.