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Changing the way brands connect with their customers

Conversational technologies are AI-based tools that automate and optimize communication with your customers through channels such as phone and chat. We can help you assess and pilot a variety of strategic automation initiatives to help you realize more value from your existing channels, and new ones as well. This includes utilizing your existing call center for live chat, automating tasks with a chatbot or virtual call center agent, or using text bots when casual and intermittent interactions work best. These conversational frameworks can be designed and developed to leverage your existing services and data implementations and deployed concurrently across multiple channels, including phone and chat—and the analytics they generate can then be used to improve the entire experience better.

Conversational technologies have the power to make customer experiences more approachable, provide true 24/7 access, improve perception of availability and wait times, automate common requests, and drive additional sales over multiple channels. Chat can fill in the gaps of some online retail shopping experiences, giving customers the support they need to confidently make purchases. Call center automation can help customer service after the sale, satisfying customer needs and increasing brand loyalty in the process.

With our understanding of the complexities involved in conversational experiences—tech lift, scope, context, conversational design, and brand strategy—we help organizations adopt the right solution from the continuum of conversational technologies.

The opportunities with conversational tech


Automate tasks across channels to eliminate bottlenecks and communicate more naturally.


Long after your call center has closed, conversational channels can still help your customers.

Value Creation

Drive value through channels that were previously regarded simply as cost centers.


Using data and insights to make customer interactions even more meaningful.


Creating a virtuous cycle of analytics that make your conversational experiences better.

Consumers are already in on the conversation


report having used chat in 2022


preferred chat over calling a company


feel that chat makes a company more accessible.

Featured client story 

Optimized virtual assistant reduces workload and boosts customer satisfaction

Although one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies already had an existing chatbot / virtual assistant (VA) on its customer-facing website, they had only just begun to tap its full potential. They asked CapTech to partner with them on enhancements that would realize more value for the business and for customers.

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How we think about conversational technologies

Let's continue the conversation

Conversational technologies aren’t just deployed, they’re designed and thoughtfully built. Let us show you how. Reach out to us below or submit a request

Jason Snook

Jason Snook

Fellow, Customer Experience

For nearly 20 years, Jason has been helping companies design experiences that are easier, more effective, and more enjoyable for customers and employees. He is a Fellow within our CX practice, currently researching conversational technologies and applied AI.

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Michelle Meyer

Michelle Meyer

Managing Director

As a Senior Account Executive, Michelle serves clients within Supply Chain, Distribution and Logistics. Leveraging her understanding of industry-specific challenges and technology and data-driven solutions, she guides clients to use innovative IT and digital strategies which enable operational efficiency and business growth.

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