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Deliver Greater Customer Value Through Digital

Experience Strategy helps your organization leverage the power of digital platforms to achieve business goals and meet customer needs. By looking at customer-brand interactions across digital platforms, assessing the competition, revealing delivery pain points, and identifying gaps in the current technology stack, we recommend a future state that better meets business objectives and satisfies your customers.

These research-driven engagements provide actionable insights into your customers and competitors—with personas, market analysis, journey maps, and, increasingly, experience concepts. We partner with our technology experts to propose implementation road maps, and together we’ve worked with clients in retail, transportation, financial services, leisure/entertainment, and manufacturing. To address accelerated time frames, we provide more tactical approaches such as product design workshops, rapid prototyping and testing, and Design Sprints, relying on domain expertise to provide immediate and targeted feedback on product concepts and brand experiences.

Whether the emphasis is on customer research or rapid prototyping, all these engagements have one purpose in mind: to help you deliver greater value to your customers.

Service Highlights

Market Assessments

With an understanding of your business objectives and your customer needs in hand, we perform competitive assessments that identify potential best practices, table stakes, and opportunities to differentiate and deliver competitive value.

Journeys & Experience Maps

Current state customer journeys help identify pivotal brand touch-points and any value gaps they represent, while future state experience maps help stakeholders visualize and prioritize opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

Catalyst Workshops

From half-day workshops on branding or feature prioritization to week-long Design Sprints to answer critical product questions, these focused collaboration sessions help drive alignment and create momentum for longer term initiatives.

Implementation Roadmaps

Roadmaps lay out a plan for a shared vision of the future, including key milestones and potential opportunities, along with the technology infrastructure necessary to deliver on that strategy.

A Platform For The Future of Golf

With the desire for a strategy that would bring their brand solidly into the digital landscape, USKG came to CapTech to conduct user and stakeholder research on current pain points and future needs of the customer experience and technical architecture.

Stakeholder and user interviews included on-the-course visits with coaches, allowing us to uncover first-hand user needs, wants, behaviors, and motivations. Personas and journey maps resulting from our research visualized and explained current state and identified strategic opportunities.

A multi-year digital roadmap was delivered, giving the client the ability to scale and support future objectives as well as meet user expectations. The roadmap was designed to help USKG strategically create a unified brand and digital experience across all their channels as well as put a strategy in place for a single platform for parents to sign up their kids for classes, buy equipment, and enroll in tournaments.

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Mark Badger

Mark Badger

Fellow, Customer Experience

Mark is a seasoned experience design leader with over 20 years' experience in interaction and conceptual design, product/brand strategy, user research, and information architecture. He is fascinated by what drives people’s connections with brands and is dedicated to fostering value-infused interactions between them.

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Matthew Torrenzano

Matthew Torrenzano


Matt is a senior technical architect with 15 years of experience delivering end-to-end Digital Solutions. Matt specializes in leading difficult client transformation and modernization initiatives that include implementing one or more major digital platforms like CMS, DAM and Commerce solutions.


Katie Jurkiewicz


With over five years of experience and degrees in Information Science and Political Science, Katie is poised to be successful in a variety of capacities. Her project experience includes project management, business analysis, user research, experience strategy, and interaction design. She has a knack for balancing her client's needs with the wants of end-users. She can quickly understand the problem from all angles and uses data as a driver to develop creative solutions.