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Realize Unprecedented Insights

Machine learning uses predictive analytics to apply information to your business problems, in turn, enabling more informed decisions. Enterprise Machine Learning is rapidly growing. In fact, Forrester predicts that Machine Learning will be as impactful and prevalent as the internet.

Stop working with diagnostic data and look to the future. Engineer solutions that empower you to predict, prescribe, and stay one step ahead.

Inception to Implementation

Comprehensive Solutions

Combine system engineering, customer experience, and data engineering to make machine learning work. Don’t get stuck with a solution that lives in a box — get a fully formed solution out the door that delivers real value.

Inside Out

It's not about the quantity of data but the quality. Our data science and engineering expertise can set you up for success. Then we’ll help you find the right model for you and feed it with the quick, clean data it needs.

Thrive on the Edge

Power and augment today’s emerging tech trends like sentiment analysis and tailored recommendations. If you don’t know how to start, we can help you find where machine learning fits into your business.

Possible Applications: Making Data Work For You

Singular Product Review

Quickly access the sentiment of your entire buying population by moving beyond quantitative data. Aggregate the sentiment of numerous online reviews into one that captures the pervasive feelings of all reviewers.

  • Perform. Save time by looking at one review to understand public opinion.
  • Inform. Identify common trends, general sentiments, and keywords to inform decision-making.
  • Compete. Understand and identify your competitors quickly to help you adjust and compete.

    Inventory Optimization

    Cut down on waste and improve your efficiency by analyzing customer and consumer patterns. Predict what products customers want and where they want it before they ever ask to keep your products from sitting on the shelf.

    • Accelerate. Cut down the time it takes to turn inventory into a sale.
    • Reduce. Fewer stagnant products means less overhead.
    • Improve. Cut down on inefficient labor.
    • Satisfy. Favored products closer to home means higher customer satisfaction.

      Demand Prediction

      Scale and shrink your workforce or supply with unprecedented accuracy. Use machine learning to help predict service demand estimates for any day of the year that keep you from wasting money on unneeded overhead.

      • Reduce. Better predictions mean less wasted capacity.
      • Improve. Customers receive a better experience when resources are available.
      • Visualize. Use dashboards to help inform decision-making.