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Rapid Evolution That Accelerates Delivery

DevOps is the combination of software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) in an organization. DevOps focuses on philosophies, tools, and technical practices to accelerate delivery, improve quality, and reduce the overall cost, including: Test automation, Continuous integration/deployment, Infrastructure as code, Organizational Cultural (Three major aspects of an organization (business, development, and operations) accountable for speed and quality of a product).

Today, companies recognize that they need more than the right mission and strategy to succeed, they need the right infrastructure to evolve rapidly. By having the right components, organizations can: Acquire more customers, build customer loyalty, and scale; Combat disruptors in their industry; Increase efficiency and maximize velocity to get ahead of their competitors.

CapTech partners with organizations on their unique DevOps journey by taking a holistic approach to transformation that is tailored to their specific technology, culture, and business objectives.

Our Services

DevOps Assessment

Unsure of where to get started?  We will work with you to understand your biggest areas of delay and rework and build a roadmap to meet your software delivery objectives. 

DevOps Transformation

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand your DevOps practices enterprise wide.  We have experienced organization change managers and expertise in DevOps tooling across a broad range of technology stacks. We’ll partner with you to support the wholistic organizational shift to change the way you do work.

DevOps Delivery

Ensure your next project is delivered quickly and with high quality. Our software delivery teams bring experience in test automation, containerization, infrastructure as code and CI/CD pipeline development.

Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris


Ryan Tarrant

Ryan Tarrant

Senior Manager

Ryan's experience spans over a variety of roles including software engineer/developer, analyst, tester, and software developer manager. He has been tasked with growing the thought leadership within CapTech's services and API offerings.