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The Integrated Approach

In today’s rapidly changing environment, companies are looking for ways to increase agility and speed to market. They are turning to Agile Development, DevOps, and Organizational Change Management (OCM) to help their organizations succeed.

This focus on evolution leads to new fundamental practices along with significant cultural changes, but only by approaching these goals holistically can organizations truly mature and succeed.

Our Model

Multi-Dimensional Experts

  • Seamlessly integrate across all solutions because we aren’t a dedicated shop.
  • Partner to discover the implementation approach that leads your organization to true enterprise maturity.
  • Achieve your desired future state with more velocity and transparency.

    An Integrated Approach

    • Accelerated product delivery and a faster path to customer value.
    • Higher-quality and predictable output.
    • Continuous learning and improvement to mitigate risk.
    • Maximum transparency to inform real-time decisions.
    • Cost savings through optimized processes.

      Assess and Address

      • Examine all dimensions of an integrated approach and find the gaps.
      • Adjust your strategy and realize the full benefits of your transformation.
      • Develop a roadmap to your desired state that won’t value any solution over another.
      • Get you on the right track quickly and let you know when to make that next step.

        In Harmony

        As a small group, you can practice playing instruments tirelessly (Agile), but without orchestration (DevOps) and the right venue and acoustics (OCM), the quality of the music from the audience’s perspective is in doubt. On their own they can only get you so far.

        Like an orchestra, it takes a combination of harmonious elements ─ Agile, DevOps, and OCM ─ to help you achieve full benefits and maximum business value.

        Crystal Harris

        Crystal Harris


        Ryan Tarrant

        Ryan Tarrant

        Senior Manager

        Ryan's experience spans over a variety of roles including software engineer/developer, analyst, tester, and software developer manager. He has been tasked with growing the thought leadership within CapTech's services and API offerings.