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Empowering organizations to exceed the expected

Architecture modernization is the blending of the traditional pillars that comprise a mature IT portfolio: DevOps, cloud migration, data engineering, and application development. Each of these pillars can succeed on their own, but successfully delivering on evolving customer demands requires a holistic approach that allows IT organizations to quickly and cost-effectively deliver more capabilities to customers.

CapTech’s approach delivers improvements, either incrementally or as part of a wholesale transformation. Blending low-code integrations with microservices, leveraging commodified cloud services, and automating low-value, repeatable tasks empowers clients to focus on business differentiators.

Service Highlights

Application Development

Loosely coupled services and application programming interfaces (APIs) empower teams with the flexibility and capability to deliver outstanding customer experiences through rich web applications, mobile apps, and new or evolving channels.

Data Engineering

Data-driven decisions are only as good as the data that drives them. Designing, generating, organizing, and visualizing data leads to powerful insights that can drive business value. 

Cloud Migration

Reshaping existing applications to leverage cloud capabilities – such as containerization and serverless – reduces the overhead of infrastructure management and avoids costs associated with rearchitecting from scratch.


Standardizing application delivery tasks – quality checks, security scans – improves consistency and repeatability across teams while increasing transparency for business and product stakeholders.

Our Work In Action

Meeting Demands Proactively

A Fortune 500 retailer was able to improve delivery frequency by 10x, becoming more proactive to customer demands. They accomplished this by designing a microservice architecture, deploying to a major cloud provider, and automating delivery.

A Big Win/Win

A top 5 U.S. bank was able to expand customer benefits and decrease costs, leading to a 200% increase in realized revenue within 6 months. The bank accomplished this by completing an IT architecture refresh that delivered a customized, branded experience consistently across channels.

Jim Lambert

Jim Lambert

Technical Director