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Organizational Change Management

When you invest in new technologies and processes, it’s vital that employees attain full productivity in the new environment as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t consider the human dimension of organizational change, leading to projects failing to deliver desired results.

We will help you manage the way your people adjust to change and quickly become productive in the post-change environment. Our holistic approach to change helps ensure that all stakeholders – from executive leadership to employees in the field – have the tools and information they need to make your project a success. Our OCM solutions integrate change throughout your organization so it becomes part of the culture and is sustainable long-term.

Business Process Management

CapTech’s business process management team specializes in process evaluation, identifying improvement opportunities, and implementing solutions to maximize organizational effectiveness.

We help our clients execute business transformations, perform operational assessments, justify strategic solutions, and implement Business Process Management Suites.

CapTech establishes governance to ensure best process practices across your organization. Our consultants provide a view of processes to identify gaps and recommend improvements for work flow, process control and risk management.

Process Engineering

Processes within any organization can fail, delaying time to market, driving up costs, delivering inconsistent results, undermining the customer experience, and absorbing excessive resources.

Our process engineers specialize in improving processes through industry-leading tools and methodologies, including Six Sigma and LEAN. We offer training and strategic guidance on process improvement, assessments to improve efficiency and cut costs, and solutions to maximize effectiveness. Whether you need to develop a new process or re-engineer an existing one, CapTech’s skilled process engineers can help you analyze the current state, define your vision, model the future state, and develop a strategic roadmap that will get you there.

IT Service Management

In large organizations today, the IT department needs easy-to-use tools that manage the tracking and deployment of infrastructure; service tickets; visibility into IT costs and health; delivery of self-service capabilities; and customer communications and experience.
We reduce the costs and complexities of managing your IT department, transforming it into an agile organization that’s focused on collaborating with customers instead of putting out fires. Whether you are exploring the possibility of implementing an ITSM solution, such as ServiceNow®, or you need assistance with an existing platform, we can help you reach your business objectives today and for the longer term.