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State governments across the United States are beginning to recognize the value of interagency data sharing, which improves services to constituents, enables policymakers to make more informed data-driven decisions, reduces fraud and decreases unnecessary data storage and maintenance costs. Before data-sharing initiatives can deliver on their promise, states first must overcome legislative, privacy and technical barriers to data integration.

In this white paper, Data sharing across state agencies: Improving constituent services, enhancing policymaking and reducing costs, we discuss the value of data-sharing initiatives, potential use cases, barriers to data integration, and recommended steps toward a solution.

About the Author
Gabriella LivelyGabriella Lively is an IT professional with expertise in state government and the healthcare industry. She has experience in data warehousing, data engineering, data analytics, and business intelligence. Ms. Lively has helped a variety of clients utilize their existing data more efficiently to drive business planning and make more informed decisions through the integration of disparate systems and the implementation of analytic solutions to report, monitor, and predict outcomes.

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