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Let's drive sports experiences forward by changing the stakes, changing the game, and changing what's possible.


Featured Experience

The CapTech PinPoint Challenge™

The reimagined CapTech PinPoint Challenge does away with measuring tapes, transforming a traditional closest-to-the-pin event into an engaging new experience, digitally:

  • Tracking, locating, and measuring shots at a glance
  • Displaying real-time leaderboards and maps
  • Capturing analytics

Participants will have online access to information and updates that make the event more exciting and relevant, including:

  • Shot location, based on latitude and longitude
  • Participant information, such as handicaps and skill levels, for a big picture sense of the competition
  • Real-time weather data
  • Historical course data

CapTech’s PinPoint Challenge opens doors beyond the expected fundraisers and client events. Imagine the possibilities:

  • Increase donations at charity events
  • Boost participation at ProAm events and community competitions
  • Entertain clients in a new and unique way
  • Host memorable corporate outings
  • Engage the gallery

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Changing the Game with PinPoint Challenge

In this podcast episode of CapTech Trends we cover:

  • How the ShotLander technology democratizes golf tech outside of professional leagues.
  • Why the future of ShotLander will extend beyond golf and into other sports and industries.
  • How leveraging each of our practice areas in product development made for a better user experience.
  • The technology behind PinPoint Challenge.

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    Innovative Opportunities Keep Fans in the Game



    A branded experience featured at a professional game included predictive modeling and a game to engage fans by allowing them to indicate which player they felt should take a winning shot, based on player stats and game situation.


    Digital Brand Experience

    Moving from paper to a digital curriculum via a new native app and an online tracking tool empowers U.S. Kids Golf coaches to spend more time working with students and less time managing paperwork.


    Augmented Reality (AR)

    A mobile app and simulator customized with the hometeam ballpark and players allows fans in the stands to leverage data analytics to make predictions, including where balls will be hit, based on player stats.

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    CapTech is the Official Digital Technology Services Agency of the PGA of America

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