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Q: How do I get VISTAR for my organization? 

A: Just visit our Support Site to send us a note and we will get back to you within one business day. Our team would be happy to schedule a demo!

Q: What devices does VISTAR support?

A: VISTAR works on Apple iPads (iOS 16+). Currently, VISTAR is not supported on iPhones or Android devices.

Q: Can I get VISTAR on a trial basis? 

A: Yes! A trial version of VISTAR is available on the iOS App store. After testing, please visit our Support Site with questions, comments, or for a pricing estimate. 

Q: How does VISTAR pricing work? 

A: Organizations pay a one-time implementation fee + an annual subscription license for VISTAR. We have a tiered pricing model based on the client industry and service area size. Visit our Support Site to start your pricing estimate. 

Q: How many of my organizational devices can VISTAR be deployed on? 

A: There is no limit on organization devices. VISTAR is available through an annual subscription license, so anyone with an active company email and supported mobile device can download and access VISTAR. 

Depend on VISTAR

Q: Does VISTAR work without internet connectivity? 

A: Yes, VISTAR works without internet connectivity. However, for accurate GPS coordinates for placed virtual objects, you will need a device with cellular service enabled. 

Q: How accurate are GPS coordinates in the app? 

A: For the most accurate GPS coordinates, you must have a mobile device with cellular capabilities. You get even more accurate coordinates if you are also within a street view. For users with a cellular device in street view, GPS coordinates are within 5 ft. of accuracy. 

Q: What types of objects or equipment can I visualize with VISTAR?

A: The possibilities are really, endless! Many of our clients use the app to visualize electric utility equipment and behind the meter assets such as transformers, solar panels, wall batteries, electric vehicle chargers, security cameras.... even plants and shrubbery!

Q: Can I really visualize a 3D solar panel on a roof? 

A: Yes! Simply stay within 20 feet of the roof or plane to successfully place a solar panel. 

Q: Can I change or add virtual objects included in my VISTAR subscription? 

A: Yes! Your VISTAR Account Executive can provide more information, or you can visit the Support Site and send an inquiry.

Feedback on VISTAR

Q: Can I suggest a new feature? 

A: Yes! We want your ideas! Send an inquiry on the Support Site and someone from the VISTAR team will be in touch within one business day. 

Q: How often are new VISTAR features released? 

A: The VISTAR team is continuously rolling out new feature enhancements to create a better and enhanced experience! We release new enhancements on the app store frequently, so check back often. 

Q: If something is not working, how can I get support? 

A: Let us know ASAP by submitting an inquiry on our Support Site. We promise to work hard to fix the issue completely and quickly!

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