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Consumer & Retail

A customer's interaction with a brand is no longer limited to a single channel visit, but more so the overall omnichannel experience. With this shift in consumer behavior, retailers are seeking ways to expand and deepen relationships with customers by providing greater personalization, loyalty-based incentives, and expand digital and in-store experiences. We work with our clients to optimize the customer and associate journey, leveraging technology and innovation to help them compete in the digital landscape.

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Supply Chain, Distribution & Logistics

Recognizing the need to address current workforce and legacy technology challenges, Supply Chain, Distribution & Logistics companies are leaning into strategies and solutions that increase their operational flexibility, resilience, and efficiency. With a focus on advanced analytics, automation, and digital transformation, we help organizations gain greater visibility into their business and make technology investments that allow them to operate with greater pace and cost effectiveness.

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Energy & Utilities

Smart grids and meters, the rise of alternative energy sources, and new government regulations and incentives are all having a huge impact on the generation, distribution, and sale of energy. Let us help you use technology platforms to blaze new paths of innovation.

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Financial Services

The acceleration of tech brings added complexity to every transaction. We understand that to ensure transactions are effective, profitable, and secure, institutions must meet strict regulatory and compliance requirements to manage vast amounts of sensitive data. Embrace digital convergence – mobile, social, and cloud – to change your customer experience.

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All health-related worlds at some point converge at the point of technology – to keep up with technology, patient/customer expectations, and evolving business models. Our solutions guide companies through the modern transition of the healthcare system.

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Hospitality & Travel

CapTech is accelerating the hospitality and travel industry's evolution through strategic innovation. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver personalized guest experiences, enhanced franchisee journeys, and customer-centric digital solutions. Our holistic approach fosters brand loyalty, eliminates operational inefficiencies, and propels clients to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

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Consumers are looking for seamless and convenient experiences, including the ability to research, compare and obtain insurance quotes, submit and file claims, and acquire policies. Agents and brokers, as the primary interaction point between insurance firms and consumers, expect ecosystems, software, and technology built around them. Our expertise enables you to meet — and exceed — the needs of your customers, policyholders, and insurance partners.

Materials, Manufacturing & Construction

Facing continuing impacts from the global pandemic and a volatile economic market, industrial companies are embracing analytics and automation to evolve their organizations. Whether it's Smart Factories, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), or business model transformation, CapTech helps companies identify and deliver on pragmatic technology, data, and customer-focused investments that result in cost savings and revenue realization.

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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas companies must simultaneously live in two worlds - running a profitable business today and building the foundation for a dramatically different business in the future. CapTech partners with clients to leverage technology and data to enhance present-day financial performance through operational effectiveness and increased employee safety while also laying the necessary digital groundwork to enable their clean energy evolution.

Private Equity

CapTech supports private equity funds by unlocking value through targeted investment in portfolio companies. We help funds identify key investments across portfolio companies, and engage with portfolio companies to deliver strategic planning and capabilities across the technology spectrum.

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Public Services

Whether it's a sluggish economy, decreasing tax revenues, limited staffing, or simply having to do more with less, public services agencies can still streamline, simplify, and automate processes to comply with enhanced regulations and better serve the public’s needs. Let's partner on a roadmap that guides you into the future.

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Sports, Media & Entertainment

We drive sports experiences forward by changing the stakes, changing the game, and changing what's possible. We work with our clients to leverage powerful data and innovative technology to create next-level experiences and shape the future of sports.

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