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Welcome to our podcast where we feature thought leaders and subject matter experts to discuss emerging technology, design, and project methodology. Our goal is to unite diverse skills and perspectives to show how data, systems, and ingenuity can transform and enable organizations to advance what’s possible in a changing world.

Our Latest

Navigating the AI Evolution

In this special edition episode of CapTech Trends, guest co-hosts and CapTech AI leaders Brian Bischoff and Jason Snook are joined by Ajit Mandgi, the Director of Analytics at Dominion Energy, and Paul Brooks, Professor and Chair in the Department of Information Systems at VCU School of Business.

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Podcast Episodes

Vinnie Schoenfelder

Principal, CTO

Vinnie is a Principal at CapTech and plays a large role in helping define services, forge partnerships, and lead innovation for our clients. As a thought leader, he regularly helps clients solve their most complex business challenges.