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Empower Your Organization to Achieve Sustainable Growth and Enhance Competitiveness

CapTech provides tailored services across industries, enabling you to navigate external market shifts, adapt proactively, and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Whether it’s enhancing operational efficiency, infusing creative energy to build new revenue streams, or harnessing the power of data, CapTech is transforming visions into reality and reshaping the future of business. And we’re also using artificial intelligence (AI) to enable intelligent systems, predictive models, and personalized experiences, all of which accelerate research, enhance problem-solving, and unlock new possibilities.

Service Components

Visionary Ideation and Concept Workshops

By collaborating with the key stakeholders in your organization, we foster creative thinking to generate groundbreaking ideas and forward-thinking concepts to inform a future state vision.

Comparative and Competitive Landscape Assessments

Through these assessments, we evaluate the market landscape, identifying key players, trends, and opportunities to inform strategic decision-making.

Innovation Roadmap Development

We offer a customized, tactical roadmap to help your organization realize an existing vision, or one that was defined during visionary workshops.

Company Innovation Playbooks

Together we can develop a framework that guides and accelerates the innovation process, enabling consistent and effective implementation of strategies and practices.

Rapid Prototype Development and Testing

We support mature innovation functions by providing rapid prototyping services in short bursts to accelerate innovation in multiple approaches.

Concept Viability Assessments

From a risk assessment to financial modeling to partnership potential, we can evaluate the potential success and feasibility of a product concept or idea.

Our Work

CapTech engineers helped a global logistics company synchronize data and reduce the time spent performing manual and repetitive tasks for order fulfillment and management by 50%.

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Why CapTech?

CapTech harnesses its vast experience across 15+ industries and deep technical expertise to cultivate innovation. Going beyond client engagements, CapTech nurtures an internal culture of innovation by mentoring and investing in its people. Through the collaboration of multi-disciplinary teams, we actively engage in ideation to generate practical and groundbreaking concepts that deliver tangible results.

Defining an Innovation Program Strategy for a National Dental Insurance Provider

Recognizing the pivotal role of innovation in solidifying its status as an industry frontrunner, a national dental insurance provider undertook a comprehensive companywide innovation initiative. They called on CapTech to partner on developing a strategic blueprint aimed at revitalizing, managing, and measuring incremental program advancements over three years.


Bree Basham

Bree Basham

Principal, CX Practice Area Lead

Bree leads our Customer Experience practice, creating digital strategies and solutions using modern technologies to deliver meaningful and measurable experiences for our customers. She has served as a Creative Director for many omnichannel experiences within the retail space, as well as for a number of other industries that CapTech serves.

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Jon Bradway

Jon Bradway

Principal, Business Development & Sports Practice

As lead of CapTech's sports practice, Jon partners with leagues, media companies, and technology firms to create the next generation of competition and fan experience.

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Kelsey Haviland

Kelsey Haviland

Director, Emerging Products

Kelsey is an account executive overseeing solution delivery for multiple top electric utilities. Additionally, Kelsey leads CapTech’s go-to-market product strategy for emerging technologies.

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