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Data-Driven Transformation Through Unified, Real-Time Data Integration and Enrichment

CapTech evaluates an organization’s data to create value-driving products that transform customer experiences, improve existing product effectiveness, and generate new value streams. Organizations are ingesting data from an increasing number of sources; to help them use data in real-time, CapTech unifies, structures, and enriches data within a seamless and integrated platform.

Service Components

Data Strategy 

We consider your full scope of needs and current state to develop a strategy that meets business goals and initiatives.

Data Governance

Combining all components of our data solutions, we help you establish guidelines for data usage and compliance while ensuring their data quality, integrity, and security.

Data Architecture

We build the framework that defines how your data is collected, stored, processed, and accessed, transforming raw data into usable insights.

Data Ethics 

We work with you to acquire and manage your customers’ data ethically while gaining knowledge to meet those customers’ needs.

Data Privacy 

We help you understand data privacy and protection, so you can meet your customers where they are at, and as they choose (virtual, augmented, physical).

Data Analysis

We enable data to be usable in real-time, improving efficiency and creating new opportunities to reach customers across various touchpoints.


We design our data solutions based on your organization's cloud strategy, ensuring our solutions advance our client’s cloud objectives.


Since data productization is at the core of creating actionable data solutions, we apply product delivery best practices to your data assets to accelerate time to value.

Our Work

CapTech conducted a data strategy assessment for the PGA of America (PGA), one of the world’s largest sports organizations, with the goal of establishing the largest golf consumer data platform in the industry. CapTech collaborated with the PGA to create a data warehouse hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that end users from across the organization could access to drive business value. With a strong foundation in place, the PGA can continue to build on top of its capabilities and unlock features like consumer segmentation, propensity modeling, frictionless transactions, and more.

Why CapTech?

We are the leading data productization company in sports, having qualified over dozens of data sources and delivered consumable products that use the data to make real-time decisions. CapTech has spent years developing a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and their underlying data. Paired with our industry expertise, we can work backward from long-term, pie-in-the-sky visions to what will make a mark today. While we will help define the long-term, future state data strategy, we will work to build quick wins that provide immediate value. Design for tomorrow, build for today.

Optimizing Large Scale Operations with Data Science

A top electric utility needed to track the progress, timeline, and budget of each project associated with its large-scale infrastructure overhaul. The company engaged CapTech to provide a data exploration assessment that would help optimize program and project progression, forecast results, and address shareholder and regulatory questions.

Centralizing Competition Data Through the Cloud

NASCAR engaged CapTech to build a proof of concept, cloud-based approach for competition data management. CapTech utilized AWS native services to deliver a centralized relational data store, serverless microservices, and a containerized user interface to ingest, govern, and publish a master set of competition data to internal and external partners. The capability provided NASCAR with a process to consistently manage and store competition data that ensures data quality and integrity. This solution was designed to lay the foundation for the organization to productize and monetize its data, including future sports gaming opportunities.


Arjun Baradwaj

Arjun Baradwaj

Director, Data & Analytics

Arjun is a Data & Analytics practice area leader at CapTech, focusing on data strategy and productization. Arjun has worked with several data clients across industries, with extensive experience in the sports space.

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