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Transformation through technical depth and experience design

Customers expect companies to use technology to provide seamless, unified experiences. Successful organizations respond flexibly to change and disruption by continually evolving to meet consumer demands and expectations.

Our Customer Experience (CX) team designs experiences with a deep understanding of users, context, and how technology works. Our wide array of skill sets and expertise, always guided by a strategic approach, results in exciting new ways to enhance customer experiences with modern design practices.

We partner with clients to support and amplify the value of their offerings in service design, how they represent their offerings and business in the brand experience, and how they foster compelling interactions in customer engagement. We then deliver customer-centric, technology-led solutions created with modern design practices that meet ever-evolving needs in a continually growing digital landscape.

Advance What’s Possible

Experience Strategy

Deliver greater customer value through digital.

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Make your experiences accessible to all.

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Conversational Tech

Connect with your customers through Conversational Tech.

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Brand Identity

Let your organization's uniqueness cut through the noise.

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Our Customer Experience Strategists develop effective digital and content strategies that are customer-focused, measurable, and grounded in research-backed insights. We're not about creating a digital experience for the sake of technology. We're about the strategic integration of the right technologies to drive business value and a better customer experience.

With the customer journey and the client’s goals in mind, we develop a strategic roadmap that gives organizations clarity with a mix of near-term “quick wins” and longer-term initiatives.

  • Digital Strategy Roadmaps
  • Content Strategy Development
  • Content Governance Modeling
  • Project Planning & Prioritization
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Design Thinking Workshops

Research & Insights

We bring relevant data and insights on key business issues to better inform strategic choices and improve the digital brand experience for customers and associates.

Our rigorous, empirical methodology to map the minds of your customers ensures we truly understand their needs and goals. This quantifiable approach allows your project stakeholders to make data-informed decisions.

  • Market Assessments
  • Accessibility Guidelines
  • Surveys / Interviews / Panels
  • Ethnographic Field Studies
  • Persona Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Usability tracking
  • Eye Tracking

Questions? Contact our Customer Experience Team

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Bree Basham

Bree Basham

Principal, Customer Experience

Bree leads our Customer Experience practice, creating digital strategies and solutions using modern technologies to deliver meaningful and measurable experiences for our customers. She has served as a Creative Director for many omnichannel experiences within the retail space, as well as for a number of other industries that CapTech serves.