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Drive Value and Efficiency at the Front Lines of Customer Engagement

When designed well, conversational technology solutions give your customers a distinct impression of what your brand is all about. Many chatbots or virtual agents now combine the key pillars of Artificial Intelligence (AI), leveraging data, machine learning, and natural language processing to replicate human voice and chat interactions.

No matter your maturity in this space, CapTech offers voice and chat solutions for companies across a wide range of industries. Whether you’re starting out with a chatbot MVP to meet customers’ needs, redesigning an Interactive Voice Response system to reduce call center volume, or optimizing an existing AI-powered agent to realize more value for certain channels, we provide customized solutions to meet a variety of needs.

Service Components

Discovery Workshop

With key stakeholders in the room, we can create a comprehensive strategy, from creating a conversational roadmap to providing legal and compliance documentation.

Design and Testing

Whether we’re developing an MVP or a redesign, we’ll deliver wireflows, then test a prototype; afterwards, we’ll conduct user testing to make improvements.

Build and Deployment

Together we’ll create a pilot strategy that meets your unique needs, including bot training, AI-based solutions, API integration, user acceptance and accessibility testing, and pilot deployment.

Refinement and Expansion

For chat or for call center automation, we’ll conduct a metrics assessment, analyze user feedback, refine core intents, and identify new intents.

Our Work

CapTech partnered with a top 5 U.S. bank to help launch an AI-powered virtual assistant. The bank wanted to transition its virtual assistant from an in-house NLP solution to Google Dialogflow, addressing a comprehensive range of user intents. Over an 18-month span, a cross-functional team of 26 CapTechers with varying skill sets worked within a sprawling team structure that included eight different design pods.

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Why CapTech?

CapTech is renowned for offering clients the right solution at the right time, all for the sake of meeting their most critical business objectives. Our tech-agnostic framework can be tailored to meet any conversational tech need, no matter your maturity level in the space.  


Jason Snook

Jason Snook

Fellow, Customer Experience

For nearly 20 years, Jason has been helping companies design experiences that are easier, more effective, and more enjoyable for customers and employees. He is a Fellow within our CX practice, currently researching conversational technologies and applied AI.

LinkedIn Envelope

Patrick Saleeby

Associate Content Director

For over a decade Patrick has specialized in content-based projects, which includes web copy, niche user interfaces, and conversational technologies. At CapTech he has worked on conversational technology engagements for multiple clients.

Alan Shih

Alan Shih

Sr. Consultant

Alan is a full-stack software engineer with a specialization in mobile technologies. He is also passionate about the transformative potential of AI and large language models and how these technologies can elevate the user experience.